Thursday, September 22, 2016

- I'm Sold!

No wait... I meant I'm a seller:

Yep. That will win her votes.


Muzzlethemuz said...

Wow... just wow.

chess said...

I keep scratching my head on her. Late onset MS or could she have had the disease for awhile and it stayed secret. The weakness . Eye problems. balance and more. Probably not but it is much easier to point at thyroid than MS.
I wont watch any of the debates. . She is taking in 70 mil a month and barks at Trump? She and Bubba are worth 220 mil and gets 250k a talk and says she isnt stiffing someone.???
She stiffed Bernie and I feel bad for the guy.

chess said...

Let me rephrase Bernie got reamed not stiffed and NO I wont go there!!!! Getting reamed is what made america great!. If you are smart you dont get reamed again..Everyday in the market someone sells to soon or buys to soon and REAMED.
By the way I have seen all the short comings of a Kel Tec sub 2000 but dear God it is fun to shoot a 22 clip.
I have spent the last 16 years hitting the mute button for presidents. I suspect I will hit it another 8 no matter who wins.

Tom said...

I defer to the expertise of someone like chess, but if I met this Mrs. Clinton in a bar in New York or some other non-political social setting, I'd be convinced she was on something. The eyes are a little wild - too wild if you get my drift. The tone can maybe be passed off to electronics problems but taken together, all of my instincts scream "nod a lot, smile, stay calm, and start ambling toward the door".

I can't imagine this isn't what voters are doing. Send the link for this video, to all your undecided friends.