Thursday, September 1, 2016

- It's Behavior Not Skin Color

I give you...the irreplaceable Heather MacDonald.


chess said...

Sorry but none of that clip matters. It is a fantastic clip but all the world hears is blahblahblah from a rich white woman. The media has already taken the high ground,even thought it isnt, and just like Pickets charge any attempt to get there ends with failure.As a country we will never get back what has been done. I dont like it but it is just as honest as that clip

chess said...

and thus.....UNL students restricted by new ‘respect’ policy
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‘Nonnegotiable’ list of expected beliefs about diversity and inclusion

Calling the University of Nebraska Lincoln a place that “values acceptance,” the institution kicked off the fall semester with its newly installed chancellor essentially telling new students they should not say or do things that might be offensive or cause people to feel disrespected, calling the stance “nonnegotiable.”

Tom said...

I've met her a few times chess, and she's hardly rich. But I get your point. None the less, facts do matter... eventually. And that video has gotten a lot of attention. Right now, the only people who think the Black Lives Matter people are an important part of the conversation are the people in Black Lives Matter and the Clinton campaign team. The latter includes most of the mainstream media, but voters aren't fooled by them.

chess said...

I might offend someone here but I am going out to pee and then power wash a deck...I take back the "power" word . Sorry. I am going to bathe the deck with soapy water and tinkle