Friday, September 16, 2016

- The Liberalism Bubble

Vox Day is saying the same thing about the polls that everyone else has been saying, but the specific language he used struck a major chord with me:

I believe we are now beginning to see the signs of a preference cascade that are necessary if there is to be the predicted Trumpslide in November.

"Preference cascade". Ding ding ding!!! I could hear the alarm bells in my head as soon as I read it.

Liberalism shows all the signs of being a spectacular cultural bubble. It's a fiction, it's hyperbolic, and it's getting harder and harder to convince yourself that there is any merit in it whatsoever, let alone be able to convince others. "Black Lies Matter" the SJW movement and Feminism are in the same spot that the Bear Stearns Mortgage Desk was in January 2007. They run around singing everything is awesome, but in reality the ground is evaporating under their feet.

This election could very well be the moment when the cultural bubble bursts.


Muzzlethemuz said...

Hard to know what is going on.

Loss of objectivity and impartiality by the "mainstream" press is now total and complete.

Urban liberal outlooks and effete isolation is probably the same as it ever was. When I see National Guard lorries in front of a burnt-out Zabar's distributing emergency rations, it will be easier for me to imagine that a sea change has taken place. Until then my guess is the posh quarters of NY, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle and Los Angeles will all be voting Dem. And of course LA with its enormous Hispanic community... guess who they'll be voting for?

The common man, he'll be voting for Trump but I'm concerned the Reagan democrat is a dying breed.

Anyone paying attention to foreign affairs should want a Republican in the White House ASAP but Americans generally spend as much time worried about the South China Sea and Syria as does Gary Johnson.

Hillary looks to me, like a mendacious mess. Does she look this way to lib Millennials? I have no idea.

I am feeling a very tight race and that's a much better feeling from what I had a few weeks ago. It may come back down to the hanging chads. Should she win she will not have a mandate.

And if she attempts any significant gun ban she might very well have a civil war on her hands.

chess said...

As I watch about the 6th network that says Trump wants Clinton dead by disarming her bodyguards this bubble aint gonna burst for a long time. If it does it wont go bubble to conservatism. It will go bubble to chaos just like market bubbles.
Tom you keep hoping and wishing that we might be seeing the end of this illness that has swept the country for the past ? 20 years.This isn't an illness that you develop some immunity to .It is an illness that kills patient but just maybe the fetus is saved and from that pile of crap something is reborn.
. You need to release your medical records stat cause I am worried about you.
If this was Bernie or Jopa we would be toast. There are ? 50 days for the idiot to say so many from the hip comments like last pm that if anyone can bend over backwards and shove his own head up his ass it is TRUMP.
Muzz i agree with most of what you said. I do disagree on the mandate for the H. She doesnt need it with that fancy exec order ink pen. She will double the number of orders the O has done.She can stuff the SCOTUS and there wont be anyway of stopping her..
Rocket Man !!!!