Monday, September 19, 2016

- A 'Message of Hate'

This morning I watched CNN’s Carol Costello interview 2 other journalists about the political impact of this weekend’s terrorism. I learned about how important it is to be nuanced, and cautious and not jump to conclusions. They told me how wrong Donald Trump was when he said that political correctness was hampering local police’s efforts to prevent things like this, and how horrible ‘profiling’ would be if we were to allow our law enforcement to do it, like they do in Israel.

Two Muslim immigrants go on murder sprees in the name of Allah and an active terror cell is on the loose in NYC, and we’re supposed to take these journalists (spit) seriously? The leftist narrative lies in a bloody heap at their feet, and they continue to scoff and eye roll at the idea that we do something else?

Hillary Clinton has already said that if elected, she would commit to importing another 100,000 people who, while they may (may?!) not be as violent, all embrace the same belief system and ideology that these two guys did. That’s an additional 2,000 potential homicidal maniacs per state. But remember, we’re ‘stronger together’.

“I’m the only candidate in this race who has been involved in the hard decisions to take these people off the battlefield” said Hillary. To which I screamed at the TV “…and to put them in your neighborhoods with Visas, EBT cards, and access to bomb making equipment.” Hillary, Obama, and the leftist ideology of preemptive surrender and wholesale Muslim immigration, is absolutely connected to the increase these attacks, and they have every intention of making it worse. It seems now that people are figuring that out.

The part that bother’s me the most though is the Democrat’s devotion to eliminating the 'messages of hate'. Both Hillary in her press conference and Obama a few hours later, mentioned using tech companies to eliminate ‘messages of hate’. We’re obviously supposed to assume that mean interrupting the communications of active terrorists, but that isn’t what they actually said. It could be they actually mean something VERY different.

For example, I have little doubt that this piece would be considered by many devoted Democrats as a ‘message of hate’. I on the other hand, view most of the Democratic party platform as a ‘message of hate’ toward gun owning, cisgenedered, heterosexual white males, and the founding principles of America.

One person’s hate, is another’s devoted principle. So who get’s to decide? I haven’t actually blown anyone up, nor do I ever intend to. So is that the metric we’re going to use? That actually argues for telling Mrs Clinton ad Obama to shut up since they are the party offering aid, comfort, EBT cards and pressure cookers to our enemies.

But maybe that’s a bit too nuanced a view.


MikeCLT said...

"It could be they actually mean something VERY different."

It is not just the Second Amendment that is at stake in this election. The survival of the First Amendment as it has been understood in this country for 200 years will also be decided.

Trump is an immensely flawed candidate. But I believe he is a patriot who loves his country. He has my vote and my support.

As a law abiding citizen, my only regret is that I have but one vote to give for my candidate. Unfortunately, supporters of Hillary will not be similarly constrained.

chess said...

Have a carton of Ben and Jerry's and let that fat caress your coronaries. Chant with me........
Resistance is futile. Ahhhhhhh. Better ????

Muzzlethemuz said...

With the gap in messaging presented by an online forum like this, rather than face-to-face communication, I feel as if there seems to be resignation that if Clinton were elected we would be doomed to enduring her and the Dems' vision of America. I am going to give one man's perspective as to why this may or may not be the case.
Having come from NY/NJ (so I understand the Eastern mindset) and having settled on the other side of the country, with several years spent in the middle east both in a professional and military capacity (like Tom's brother I was 19K) and a career in law enforcement along the way, here's my take:
1. There are enormous swaths of these United States that are culturally and politically completely disconnected from what happens in the Beltway. This disaffection is now to the point that other than paying taxes, there are myriad laws and regulations out here that are simply no longer enforced as local political subdivisions do not have the resources or interest to do so. This runs from lack of enforcement (notifying Feds in this case) on immigration issues (Dems don't mind) to lack of enforcement of firearms issues (Dems mind) and there's not a damn thing the Fed is going to do about it. Once it falls off the headlines it doesn't matter.
2. There are enormous swaths of these United States that are culturally and politically completely disinterested in the lifestyle espoused by the Sunday edition of the NYT's Magazine. I have to say this because growing up in the NE and with the hindsight provided by such an experience, it is completely clear to me that many people in the Tristate area think that life as portrayed in the Sunday NYT Magazine is something to be emulated and aspired to. As such and as the nation's power brokers largely are of eastern background or persuasion, I think it relevant to understand that what happens in the Sunday Times Magazine influences US policy, both foreign and domestic. Conversely, taking apart US foreign or domestic policy relies to some degree on this understanding. If this assessment is correct the implication is that our policies are the stuff of Dolce and Gabbana-inspired vacations in the Hamptons. Such a picture would suit the persona of say, John Kerry, and the rest of his ilk for that matter and if you think a soft John Kerry stands a chance against a hard Putin or Assad... well, just watch the news.
3. In rural regions of the country we understand implicitly that, "violence rules the day." A stanza from a cadence I screamed at FLETC (not, ironically perhaps, in the military). Whether it's the culture of hunting, bar fights, serving in the military or what-have-you, violence here is a part of life that is more apparent, appreciated and understood than (it would seem) in eastern provinces or the mid-Atlantic seaboard, minus the ghettos. But what happens in the ghettos stays in the ghettos.

Muzzlethemuz said...

4. The pen is mightier than the sword but as Macarthur noted, that doesn't apply to automatic weapons. Hillary is flesh and blood. She is at much at risk of physical annihilation as Mr. Trump and I suspect, should she be elected, she will top Mr. Obama with the level of service provision required to keep her alive. Regardless, she can be taken out and as prescribed by the Framers, tyrants must be taken out. Mrs. Clinton would do well to keep her tyrannical tendencies at bay. I am not advocating for her assassination or threatening her. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants and though Mrs. Clinton would likely ascribe that line to hyperbolic rightwing nut jobs, I would suggest that Thomas Jefferson and honorably discharged military members and LEOSA -credentialed LE retirees are hardly that. Mrs. Clinton should understand the fragility of human life.
5. Law enforcement and the military generally stand behind the US Constitution regardless of who is in office. While officer classes in the military O-4 & up, north eastern LE departments and federal LE managers, GS 13 and up, are beholden to their ambition and unions, we have seen the fissures forming as of late. NYPD leadership and patrolmen ignoring their mayor, union police (no less!) threatening to walk out on games where Colin Kaepernick is playing, the recent FOP endorsement (the largest police union in the country, I am a past member) of Donald Trump, etc. You are not in this alone. While I do not live in NYC or have my fingers on the pulse there anymore, my opinion is, NYPD doesn't matter, like NYC itself... it is one city in a world full of big cities but if the curtain or tyranny should fall down from a Dem administration, there are hundreds, likely thousands of PD's, PO's, Agents, LEO's and most of the military that are ready to fight to protect our Constitution from the banal assault of an ass clown like Clinton.
6. The urban hordes. If there is any problem in the US polity today I would argue that the urban morass we've allowed to take shape is the number one threat to our way of life. Urban sprawl, conurbation, metropolises, whatever you want to call them, are numeric supremacies of mind-numbed, Democratic sheep, service dependent and completely removed from the life support systems (food, water and energy) that sustain them. In the event that Mrs. Clinton gets in, the moral argument that rural Constitutionalists such as myself would make to have her removed are likely to be shouted down in a screaming frenzy as the panicked sheep recognize that a Hillary Clinton, or someone like her, is the surest bet to maintenance of their status quo. The status quo is increasingly: Government support for unsustainable lifestyle practices, morally, ethically, ecologically, economically; inner city blacks keep their guns, white rural gun owners surrender theirs; maintenance of low intensity terrorism rather than dealing with it at its source; mandatory minimum wages; rent control; erosion of property rights; curtailments of freedom of speech... these are just a few items that I'm feeling pressure on right now and subjects that have made the cover of NYT's and CNN over the last few weeks with these media outlets advocating in favor of... For the police, military and private citizen to take back power from a corrupt Clinton kleptocracy, it will be essential that the urban masses lend their support to such an endeavor. If not we will have a problem. As of now, we have a problem. Perhaps all is lost.
Or maybe Trump wins it.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...



If you have the time, I would be most grateful if you could give your $0.02 on the current situation with Deutsche Bank and the Italians unloading derivatives.

Derivatives, hedge funds, etc.. is something I have never fully grasped.

Tom said...

As requested, here are some quick notes on how to sift through the fact and fiction of business news, specifically with regard to DB’s current stressful situation.

1. Any time an article mentions the notional value of a Derivatives book, the point is not to do anything but to scare you. Notional value of Derivatives are irrelevant to their actual value (and mostly irrelevant to their risk), and aren’t even considered when determining bank capitalization, not should they be. I’ve written about this before. It’s the one universal rule of financial journalism. As soon as I see the words "notional value of derivatives" my eyes glaze over and I view the whole thing as no more factual than a NYTImes editorial on racism. Are there facts in there somewhere? Maybe. But better to bet against it.

2. ZeroHedge has successfully predicted 10 of the last 2 financial crises. I can’t understand why they go so far over the line predicting doom and gloom, but to zerohedge EVERYTHING is proof of an emergency. I guess they figure that one day they’ll get it right and all the failure will be forgotten, but it’s very hard to take them seriously for me at least at this point. There is a crisis coming no doubt, but it's ALWAYS further away than it seems, and will be caused by something totally unexpected. If it weren't unexpected, then it wouldn't be a crisis at all.

3. Europe has a REAL problem, and DB is certainly going to feel it first. What DB is experiencing is the economic consequence of political failure. The Euro was a bad idea made worse by the spend now and pay later policies of European (really all first world) governments. There will be real consequences to them, and real fallout with real jobs lost, and real social stability shaken. But not today.

4. In the end, (if it's even required) DB will be saved by the same thing that saved the US banks. The politicians cannot imagine a world where they are forced to admit failure, so market forces (that do little else) will be suspended, and DB will be ‘saved’ the same way that JP, Goldman, Wells Fargo and all the other banks were. If anything, DB is more ‘too big to fail’ for Europe than the American banks were. Germany will do what it has to in order to ensure its continuation. All the rest is just the same old political shakedown. No bank DB's size will be brought low because the politicians decided to punish them too much. the EU cannot afford to kill the golden goose that is DB, simply to win a few political points and impose a big fine.

Personally, I’m not all that shaken up by it.

Muzzlethemuz said...

OFFTOPIC addendum:

Bush 41 has announced he will support Hillary in 2016.

l'm sure that douche, and his whole family, are still trying to figure out why he didn't win a second term.

I'm equally sure this has something to do with Trump's using Jeb's campaign for the Republican nomination as toilet paper.
Some people never learn.