Tuesday, September 13, 2016

- Not Deplorable, Pathetic

Good god I wish the beltway right would grow some balls and act like men. Their desire to prostrate themselves before the altar of the left and their political correctness, for no reason but to get access to their big leftward slanted megaphone, offends me deeply. At the very least you would think they would be sane enough to see it coming. Time after endless time the left lays these traps for them, and time after endless time they fall for them.

What a bunch of pathetic weakling imbeciles they are.

If Trump wins, and now they all have to admit that he just might, we should burn their citadels to the ground and salt the earth behind them. An ignorant man can be trained to fight. A weak one can be made strong. But a coward can only ever disappoint you with his stupidity and betrayal. They are so used to bending over for the left, they don't know how to do anything else. I don't which of these Mike Pence is, but I think we're all going to find out.


chess said...

They cant do anything unless it has been typed out for them. Sad. When the old vet wanted Trump to take his purple heart anyone here and any of the 3 people I call friends would have immediately said "no sir" you and millions of our vets earned those and some with the greatest sacrifice of all. Stupid ass makes a joke. They are all idiots and it is going to be which one we get. Monty Hall is not offering a door number 3 and a NEW CAR!!!!!
I will go to my grave wanting Newt instead of Pence.

chess said...

Dont get me wrong. Newt has had his moments but I think he may be the only one that I see thinking on his feet. When he is interviewed watch his face because if he starts to crack a little smile before the question is over he has seen whats coming and is ready.
Poor Sanjay Gupta's neurosurgeon brain is still spinning with this is p-monia.

MikeCLT said...

Simpering capons.

chess said...

Bernie!! Bernie!! Bernie!!