Saturday, September 10, 2016

- Some Tribalist Glee

When #basketofdeplorables became the number 1 trending twitter hashtag and Hillary leveled her half hearted apology, the first thing I did was text my brother. He's deplorable too you see, and I’m sure he would want to know. My text to him follows:

And now the most satisfying of moments.... When the alt right does to a leftist apology, what the left has done to others for all our adult lives:

A Link to the Breitbart Story

This shall henceforth be taken as an admission of guilt. Start the bumper sticker presses rolling.

That satisfying feeling is caused by my tribalism. I’ve been so sick of my tribe of politically like minded people being abused by the left. A right leaning pol say some tiny thing that can be misinterpreted in some way, they take enormous unjustified offense, he then apologizes, and the left roasts him over an open fire for it for weeks. Romney’s 47% comment, his “binders full of women” etc. It's a longstanding and common theme of leftist politics and polite (or dare I say effete) conservatives have been on the defensive because of it for years. But that isn't how you argue with an irrational woman. When women argue what they want is an emotional response, not logic, reason, and polite references to facts and data.

But the Alt-Right is different. The Alt-Right responds to insults from the left precisely as men do when talking to a silly irrational woman. “You think I’m a bigot? You're too stupid to know the difference you silly bitch so shut your yap and fetch me a beer!”

And that’s what I think the Trump campaign is going to do. They'll put a polite face on it while the punches are delivered by proxies, but they’re going to slowly turn this spit and roast the most charmless politician in generations in the same way that her people always have to their opponents. And Trump knows how to deal with women, so he won't go off message. He's going to get this one right.

Meanwhile the ‘pepe the frog’ contingent of the Alt-Right will use and abuse Hillary like a $2 Tijuana whore. Hillary think's they're 'deplorable'? She doesn't know deplorable. By the time they're done, being 'deplorable' will be downright fashionable.

And this feels good to me, even extemporaneous as it is. It’s satisfying to see Hillary Clinton of all people suffer this way. To see the left lose an issue – any issue in the culture war. It’s the tiniest little victory, but it’s been a VERY long time coming.

Hillary’s greatest weakness has always been her contempt for the ‘little people’. And now someone is giving her a smack right between the eyes for it. After decades of misplaced and totally unjustified defensiveness from ‘establishment’ conservative types, I can’t tell you how good that feels.

It’s enough to make you proud to be an American, and a deplorable.

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