Sunday, September 18, 2016

- Terrorism Blast In Manhattan

I live in Manhattan on a quiet one way street that spans the line between the neighborhoods of Gramercy Park and Flatiron, about 4 blocks south and east of Chelsea Clinton. It’s an upscale residential neighborhood known mostly for the expensive bars and Restaurants on Park Avenue south, and the busy after work spots on third avenue. The blast on 23rd street could have been on the moon for all I knew. None the less, at about 2:30 this morning my phone went crazy when concerned texts and emails from family came pouring in.

I’m sure it seems like the location of the bomb at 23rd between 6th and 7th seems close to me for the uninitiated, but it’s the other side of the world. The character of Chelsea changes dramatically when you cross 6th avenue going west on 23rd street, and the blast location is a dirty crowded area – not the kind of place I spend any time. Drunks and junkies waiting for their methadone are more common there. And when the blast itself occurred, I was actually miles away in an apartment in the most expensive part of Greenwich Village – just north of Washington Square. The thing has really only affected me on paper.

Manhattan is both small and enormous. Yes, I could have walked from my place to the sight of the blast in less than 10 minutes, but about 20,000 people still live between it and me. So it’s hard to take this kind of thing personally. I don’t fear terrorism, or individual violence like the Islamic psycho from last week who attacked two cops with a meat cleaver. It’s too hard to be in both the wrong place and to be there at the wrong time. I have a small fear of riots, but now that the “Black Lies Matter” movement is losing steam, I’m less worried about that too. Tomorrow will be just another day for me. No need to react to this whatsoever.

The media will shy away from calling this Islamic terrorism because it will help the Trump campaign to do so, but we know it ain’t the Amish. We know that one of our two political parties thinks of this kind of thing as ‘the new normal’ and we should all just learn to live with it. But we’re following the pattern of the French, Germans and English, so we shouldn’t expect a result that differs from theirs.

Some of us saw this coming ages ago. And we can all see what’s coming next. All we have to do is look at Calais, or Paris, or Cologne, or any of the other places that Muslim ‘refugees’ have made their presence felt. Then we can then either embrace the ‘new normal’ of inviting murderers into our homes, or we can try to persuade a few fellow citizens to vote Trump. That may seem oversimplified to some, but in terms of what we can actually do, those are the stark choices. Accept it, or push back against it. And voting Trump is the only alternative that will do the latter.


Muzzlethemuz said...

Glad you're safe. TRUMP 2016.

Muzzlethemuz said...

,,,and Bill de Blasio's head in a guillotine. What a piece of shit. Of course it's not terrorism. Simply some child's 4th grade volcano project gone awry...

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Looks like we have a Europe type Islamic terror cell in the NY Metro area. Thankfully, they suck at making reliable bombs.

Can we please just stop importing these people? How about denaturalizing (i.e. throwing them the hell out of the USA) the rest, like we did with the Anarchists back in the early 20th century?

I bet Trump will be polling even better by Friday. Curious how the Left will try to spin this. Its hard to be PC when it is your ass, commuting to or from work, that gets blown up.

MikeCLT said...

Yes. It's Trump or a future like Paris, Nice, Cologne, etc.

Here is a video of a walk through Paris September 2016.