Friday, September 23, 2016

- Trump-O-Phobia

This is a blurb about one of my pet peeves. The psychoanalysis industry is in my opinion, a total and utter sham. It is a baseless, useless excuse for wasting money. A great steaming pile of dog sh!t thrust in the face of America as a replacement for rational thinking. There are no lessons provided, no tools, no fixes. The only thing anyone ever learns from it is that they need a lot more therapy. No one ever seems to recover from it.

(When I said this across the kitchen table this morning to the lovely young girl I’m involved with, she instantly blurted over her coffee cup “Unless they’re in prison. If they’re in prison they can be instantly ‘cured’ and are now ready for release.” … The force is strong with this one I think.)

That’s why I think this piece from Slate is so much fun. Apparently Trump is causing a mini-boom in the psychoanalysis industry in all liberal areas:

With the presidential race staggering into its final stretch, the once inconceivable prospect of a Trump victory is becoming, if not likely, then definitely possible. (As of this writing, FiveThirtyEight gives Trump a 42.4 percent chance of prevailing, though that might change by the time you read this.) As that reality sets in, a hallucinatory sense of slow-motion doom is descending on many liberals. (Though not only on liberals.) Victims of Trump-induced anxiety describe nightmares, insomnia, digestive problems, and headaches. Therapists find themselves helping their patients through a process that feels less like an election than a national nervous breakdown.

To this I say … “GOOD!” For too long we’ve been wrapped up in the self indulgent, self-reinforcing neurosis of liberalism. We’ve pretended that we can remake the shape of the universe to fit the twisted view of dissatisfied middle aged housewife’s who can’t cope with their own angst. They are told a pretty lie by feminism, and when it turns out to be not true, rather than accept that fact and cope with it, they try to change every other aspect of society until it’s somehow made true. But there is always another persistent fact that won't conform to political persuasion - always one more uncomfortable human truth that won't go away. And it's this persistence that talk therapy uses to skim its graft from a weak minded and unsuspecting public.

That mental process – the process of self delusion, is never a healthy one. And it can’t be turned into something healthy by ‘raising awareness’ or spending money on scam artists. If you’re gay, you are not normal, you are different. You need to be strong enough to cope with that ‘difference’ in the face of a society that see’s you that way. If you’re a 35 year old single woman who can’t seem to find the right man, it’s you, not all the “him’s”. And you need to start being more modest in your self assessment, and if you’re American, probably lose some weight. If you’re dissatisfied suburban housewife, maybe it isn’t society’s problem it’s yours. And you need to start to value the correct things.

Liberal America needs to wake up, smell the coffee, and realize that their problems won’t ever go away if they can’t summon the strength to face them. And they are not caused by Trumps rise in the polls.

Trump is not a monster, he’s a man. An imperfect man to be sure, but no more so than the President who has made monthly race riots the unofficial policy of his justice department. The world will not end if he's elected, only your delusion of moral superiority will. And maybe that's the fact you really can't face.

%%%%%%%%%%%%UPDATE%%%%%%%%%%%% From Steve Sailor's invaluable blog over at UNZ, I was led to this admittedly very wonky post by Andrew Gelman about the crisis in the Social Sciences, and the lack of replicability in the field. Technically Economics is a social science (though the way I and some of the hedge fund guys who are modeling to produce profit is more science and less social) so the problems associated with data analysis and skewed research is something I know quite a bit about. I'll grant you, many of the specific complaints escape me, but the causes of the problem to me are well known.

The adage that 'you can make the data say anything' is true as far as it goes. But it's only true if you want it to be. In the hedge fund world the goal is to generate a profit so there is little room for error. But that doesn't stop anyone. I've interviewed dozens of people with obvious flaws in their research. Some were just inexperienced and didn't see their own errors, but others did see them. And I have to believe that those people all thought they could 'fix it later' after they got the very coveted job of "Portfolio Manager". Some people were not very smart, or just wrong (which is no sin). Others were liars who were trying to fool me and the rest of the financial industry into believing what they wanted us to in order to achieve their own goals.

As an outsider, it seems to me that there should be very few 'surprises' in social science. We all live in society after all, and deal with others every single day. We know what people are like and what drives their decisions. If there are any true surprises, it should involve small issues, and they should expose small truths. But small surprises don't come from agenda based research. Big, huge, massive surprises come from it that contradict huge portions of the accepted truth - unless of course you already buy into the agenda driving the research in the first place. Then the results that come from agenda focused research aren't surprising at all. On the contrary, they are only the most reaffirming results of what you believed you already knew.

The point of the wonkish piece, is to illuminate the weaknesses of theoretical social psychology, but those issues are part of the foundation of talk therapy. People performing talk therapy for a living aren't going to question work which is largely incorrect while in the process of monetizing it. To them, with their income on the line, there is really no reason to believe anything other than the deeply dubious claims of an industry which has completely lost it's way. And the two biggest cracks in this foundation come from Feminism, and race based studies. The idea that men are equal to women in all ways and that one race and culture is equal to another race and culture, are both obviously untrue. You can't have good science which is based on bad science. It will only lead to greater and greater error, that requires bigger and bigger lies to preserve.

In that light, something like the riots in Charlotte or the entire 'Black Lies Matter" movement were all inevitable.


chess said...

They were inevitable. Shame but they were. It is a socisl experiment of the definition of insanity.. "Doing same dam thing over and over and expecting a different result". Maybe it is time for a change. As Trump said "what have you got to lose"?
And on that feminism thing I remember a book from a long long long time ago called Even cowgirls get the blues... They do control the "vaginal wrench"

MikeCLT said...

I am not a big fan of therapists unless there are severe psychological issues. In some limited cases a skilled therapist, more likely a psychiatrist, can be a major help. But most therapists are not in that category. I have known people who go to therapists and they seem to become almost addicted to their therapists. They seem to lose agency.

A long time ago, my father told me that everyone just needs a good friend who they can talk to honestly. Someone who will listen and not affirm their self justifications and rationalizations. Someone who will tell them the truth. I am fortunate enough to have two friends like this and I try to be that kind of friend.

Caveat: It doesn't always work with women.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

"Caveat: It doesn't always work with women."

It almost never works with women*

Want to piss off a woman? Try to actually solve the problem she came to you to discuss using logic and reason.

*There are exceptions. I married one of them.