Tuesday, September 13, 2016

- Weekend At Hillary's

I personally don't agree with the speculation contained in the last few posts. But hey, it's not exactly like I pay these guys so they can write what they like. For me, I think the only way Hillary Clinton leaves this election is is she's forced out (fat chance) or is carried out. With all that said though, being a continual chronic liar has it's disadvantages, and eventually even her sycophantic mainstream press will have to take notice.

I'm sure you've all heard that conservatives think like business men and liberals think like lawyers. Business men see a cost to every benefit and make trade-offs to get what they want. The truth for them is what boils out of that. How they feel about it isn't really relevant. Liberals think like lawyers, and for them, the truth is what they can convince everyone is the truth. Juries decide based on their biases, their feelings, their thoughts and whatever all mish mashed together. And there is no trade off, only the narrative. If things work out badly, then it's not the fault of the person who convinced the jury.

The press is very much like that. It's not that they're lying to protect Hillary, they're letting themselves be continually convinced that whatever Hillary says is the truth, even when the truth changes and contradicts itself from day to day. But that doesn't matter to them. They simply like the story her side is telling better (where everything bad is someone else's fault) and that's the end of the discussion. But they must be feeling pretty stupid right now, none the less.

Is Hillary really sick? Does she really have pneumonia? I have no idea, and neither does anyone else except Hillary and maybe her Capo-regimes. Does it mean she'll have to leave the Democrat ticket? Not on your life. One thing we all know (assuming you aren't a journalist) is that Hillary is in this for Hillary.

She's in a tough spot now though. In order to convince people she's healthy, she has to be in front of the cameras a lot. If she does that, the American people will see what a power mad, unlikeable old lady she is, and won't want to vote for her. So she has to try to strike a balance between exposure to the public, and hiding from it. Hide too much and she's too sick to be President, be in the light to much and she's too unlikeable to be President. It's a delicate balance, and she isn't known for her delicacy. I'm sure you think I'm deplorable for saying so.

Does this mean Trump now has it in the bag and Hillary is done? I don't think so no. I think he can still screw it up, but he has lots of reason to be confident. He has momentum, he has the issues, and he has Julian Assange waiting in the wings to trash Hillary with more evidence of her shameless malfeasance, every time she pokes her nose up.

To quote Monte Python, "she's not quite dead yet" but she ain't looking as good as she used to and the way forward for her is getting narrower, and harder to walk.

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MikeCLT said...

I agree with most of this analysis. Hillary won't drop out of the race as long as she has the support of the Clinton wing of the Democrats and most of the mainstream media.

I wonder how large her drop in support would have to be to cause her media and party allies to call for her to drop out? Would NYT, WP and TV media turning on her and calling for her to drop out be enough? Would a big Trump surge right now cause her allies to abandon her? She did concede in 2008 when they abandoned her for Obama. But then she knew had a chance to run in 2016. I don't know. But I agree that she will never drop out on her own. She wouldn't drop out for good of her party or the country.

I hope she hangs in there and doesn't die or become incapacitated and Trump faces her in November. I believe it is our last chance to save the republic.