Sunday, September 4, 2016

- What The Alt-Right Really Wants

What does the Alt-Right stand for? Are they for box cars, ovens and camps like the left (and KEvin Williamson) says? Are they for rolling back civil rights so they can have lynching, or back of the bus politics? Are they for keeping minorities “in their place” and getting rid of all the non-white people that are in America? Don’t be silly. What they are for is laws which favor the citizens of the US over those who are not citizens, and the assimilation of a small number of immigrants in order to serve the interests of those citizens. This Peter Brimelow interview says it better than I ever possibly could. I’d definitely call this a ‘don’t miss’ if you want to understand what the Alt-Right is about.


chess said...

A 30 second dem commercial showing a KKK rally in the background burning a cross will negate that piece .Poof.The minute he uses "white" he is toast to the new america.Sorry. That horse is out of the barn the county and the state...
My answer to any one asking me about the alt right crap is that Hilary couldn't explain how the hell can I? . It is something made up in her bizarre world. If anyone tries to explain it you fall into a dem trap the minute you say "white"/.

Tom said...

I think you're wrong there chess. The Alt-Right isn't running for office, and there are an awful lot of people out there who, like me, are damned sick of being called racists simply because we were born white and won't sign on the the Black Lies Matter extortion.

Our problem isn't black people, just the small minority of young black men who refuse to act like civilized Americans. And lies about a position like that are fairly easy to counter.

chess said...

I understand that but I wouldn't let H tag anything. Its bait to take and once you acknowledge its existence it does exist and you are hooked. It is an ambiguous term with no real definition. So I would avoid the bait and just tell CNN that is a H term and let her try to explain because apparently most people walked away from that speech just puzzled.. If you fall into this you end up with the closing of War Games. "Would you like to play a game?" Then its infinity of tic tac toe.No one wins.
I would avoid any explanation and toss it back to a post concussion H of scrambled eggs

chess said...

Just before I sat for my oral boards in anesthesia in April 1986 my professor said don't get tied up in the small shit. You have 2 30 minute parts and if you get bogged down in little shit the 2 doctors giving you the exam wont get a real idea of how much you do know. He was a great common sense guy who went on to be the president of our society from rural Columbia Mo.
This is the little shit to leave alone. Keep traveling and concentrate on big ideas. She is sick. I mean SICK. She cant do anything because she has no stamina. If she has PBA or any form of seizure activity the threshold for an episode is greatly lowered.
The more Trump shows his vigor on tv the more he shows a contrast between him and her