Thursday, September 1, 2016

- Where the Alt-Right Came From

What the Alt-Right is, has been a big question the last week or two. I may not know what it is, but I think I know exactly where it came from.

The Conservative movement needs a megaphone to get its message out, and to get access to one, it needs America's mainstream media establishment. Many things are considered 'beyond the pale' for discussion among our obviously and increasingly unapologetically biased media. So the conservative movement has a list of issues (which are overwhelmingly cultural rather than political) where it compromises with the left in the form of the media, and on those subjects it will not engage in disagreement. The two most prominent are the issue of Race in America, and the uncontested virtue of Feminism, which make up the two philosophical pillars of leftist ideology. The Alt-Right is made up of those people who refuse to un-know those truths that contradict those pillars, and which the media finds too reprehensible to discuss.

That's really it. That's the whole thing. Ask a true believer Social Justice Liberal what is too horrible to talk about, and every time they arrive at a topic that is baseless and unsupported by evidence, there will be someone from the Alt-Right standing there citing a long list of contradictory facts.

You don't have to agree with everyone on the Alt-Right, to be a part of the Alt-Right. I myself have always liked Jews, but there is a clear anti-Jewish sentiment in a portion of the alt-right. I do not think it disqualifies me from calling myself a member. I believe the only thing you really have to do to be a member of the alt-right, is to believe in the primacy of facts over opinions, with regard to issues that make some people uncomfortable.

I think it's a shame that the conservative talking heads I've so long respected have chosen this line in the sand. But I have no doubt in my mind which side of it I'm on. I care more about being right than I do about winning and losing.


MikeCLT said...

I prefer Derb's formulation the Dissident Right and have adopted it rather than Alt Right. I find the antisemitism of many on the Alt Right repugnant and a cheap attempt at scapegoating. There are many white Christian neocon, open border types as well.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Check out this Alan Colmes interview of Jarrod Taylor on Foxnews Radio. Colmes to his credit does allow Taylor to speak, but I could feel Colmes seething during the interview. Colmes started to lose it a bit when the discussion came about how to get the millions of illegals out of the country.

Taylor made the same point the Tom made in regards to self deportation(no job, no welfare, no reason to stay in the USA). Colmes couldn't even bring himself to even entertain the concept.

The callers kept referring to Taylor as a Nazi... emotional thinkers... all of them.

Link to the interview: