Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Will Hillary be Torricellied?

For those of you unfamiliar with NJ politics when it involves the NJ Supreme court:  The Court is so damn partisan, it will simply ignore or re-write laws at will.  One of the more infamous cases was the re-election of Senator Robert Torricelli.  A solid 'party man', Torricelli was cruising to an easy victory, which is expected in a one party state such as NJ.

However, 'The Torch' (as he was called) got caught breaking campaign finance rules (I will spare the readers here the arcane details).  The media firestorm erupted so damaged Torch, he found himself way behind in the polls. So far behind that the leadership of the Democratic party decided he had to be replaced.

The problem was that State Law was VERY clear on the matter.  The window of opportunity to replace a candidate (post primary) had already passed.  The Dems were stuck with old Torchie.  So the matter was taken to NJ Supreme court which duly ruled for the political party it served:  Via one of the most convoluted court opinions ever, the law was over-ridden.  The leadership grabbed a bolt cutter and a couple crow bars, opened the crypt of the former Senator, Frank Lautenberg, dusted him off, and had him on the ballot in time for the election.  Lautenberg, even though pulling a 'Weekend at Bernie's', won the election.

A while back, I stated Hillary would not be the nominee.  I haven't brought myself yet to say I was wrong.  Honestly, I  still think she may not make it to the election.  The MSM can't hide her crap health and toxic sludge keeps oozing from the continuous flow of email leaks.

I think the elites of the party misjudged just how bad her health is. Frankly, I don't think they care how evil and corrupt she is (she is one of them).  Hillary it has been rumored, has used cocaine extensively.  Her heavy drinking is well known.  I have a sibling who works in the medical field (PhD level) and deals with aging issues extensively.  Per my sibling:  Hard amphetamine use will age the body.  The effects, even if the person stopped using, will generally start showing up in a person's later 40s.  Essentially a person who is pushing 60 can in fact have an 80 year old body.  Long term neurological damage also becomes far more apparent as the person gets on in years.

So lets say by the end of September, Hillary is looking like a lost cause.  Does she get replaced?  Is a Torricelli on the Federal level even possible?  If Joe Biden was on the ballot, would Trump win?

Only the latter I have a firm opinion on:  Trump would lose because Biden would be acceptable to blue collar white guys and black men.  He isn't loved, but unlike Hillary, he isn't hated.


chess said...

As in murder mysteries "start with money" you should start with the big black dude with what appears to be a Valium auto injector.

Tom said...

I'd say there is a good chance if her 'illness' picks up steam. And I agree with your read on the whole thing, but it's at least possible that huge sections of the country will be too fed up with Democrats in general, and Trump might yet pull it out.

chess said...

The auto Valium injector wont do shit for a seizure. Its IV or go home. Intramuscular which is what the injector is for is really poorly absorbed and erratically absorbed. She would be better of chewing a 10mg and leave it under her tongue like a nitro for the heart.. I suspect before she goes out into a tense situation she chugs some valium/xanax but not so much to appear really sloppy. However it never hits you the same way twice..
This is structural rather than long term abuse. I suspect she has a seizure focus but the trachea is where the $ is. If she had a goiter for her thyroid problem she could have injured a nerve called the recurrent laryngeal nerve which controls vocal cords. She might have a "sloppy cord on one side or even a paralyzed cord. If she has vocal cord dysfunction then that cord might be wide open when it should be closed and protecting her airway. Which means when she swallows her own saliva some of it can go down the wrong hole and start a "fit"/ We have all done that. An ENT doc could tell you that with a little anti gag spray and a small mirror in the back of her throat looking down at chords. Good luck getting that done.

chess said...

Still hers to lose. So i will bet on her. Assange might make that cough change.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Thyroid issues can also play hell on a person's mental faculties. I know from my wife who suffered from Graves Disease (hyper thyroid). High or low thyroid can turn a normal adult into having the mentality of a overly emotional, utterly irrational, mildly retarded child.

chess said...

Very true... I suspect an ENT and probably several have told her too stay away from stress as much as possible. Also keep answers short and breathe more and shorter breathes..The last "fit" saw her want a glass of water than the bottle she was already holding because its easier to control thee amount of the "sip" with a glass.She very well didnt take any water in from the glass but has the appearance of wetting her dry mouth.You then saw her spit back into a bottle because if she has to swallow a wad of saliva it might jus go down that same wide open hole and make it worse. You would have to watch if she turns her back to stage and puts bottle up to mouth like she is taking a drink but in reality shes dumping a wad of spit back into bottle.. I would think she would ask for a glass of water then rather than down her own spit bottle. We are all screwed up somehow.

chess said...

What would fix all of this is to cut her off a big chaw of redman and carry a spit cup.