Friday, September 23, 2016

- A Word On Stop And Frisk

There is an element of Black America, a small element I grant you, that cannot see any motivation for anything other than racism. Common speculation is that they feel this way because of their own devoted hatred of white people, and this is occasionally supported by their own statements. Those are the people who are trashing all they can in Charlotte, and chasing white people through parking garages.

I’m told that every black man has at least one story of injustice. A good friend of mine nearly missed his graduation from Stanford Business school after being arrested in an airport on what he claims were totally fabricated drug charges. He’s my friend, so I believe him, even if I think there might have been a bit more to the story.

Cops, black cops, white cops, green cops, are people like the rest of us. They aren’t exceptionally intelligent, or by the standard I was raised, exceptionally brave. Some of them are lazy, some are genuinely stupid, some are brilliant, and some are industrious. But they all labor under the same incentives, the same risks and the same constraints.

Young black men commit a widely outsized percentage of the violent crime in America, and are somewhat less intelligent as a group than the national average. Cops know this. Stupid, violent people tend to operate more freely outside the law. They do more drugs. They are involved in more non violent conflict.

This is why stop and frisk (or as Rudy Giuliani called it yesterday “Stop – Question – And Frisk”) is such a fantastic idea. It puts a bureaucratic structure around that first meeting between cops and our most violent dangerous citizens. It provides a peaceful honest way for the cops to get to the truth of what is going on without unnecessary risk or force.

As a percentage, It’s my belief that there are more lawless violent young black men in our inner cities than there are cops who break the law. But the difference between them is that the cops will follow rules if provided. We have control over them. So Stop and Frisk should be correctly thought of as something we do FOR black America, not TO black America.

The numbers are beyond debate. When stop and frisk was used as part of an overall policing policy of the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations, murders in New York dropped 84%. That isn’t hurting the black community it’s helping them. And Racism is a poor motivator, for helping black America.


chess said...

The downside to stop and frisk is there had better be a second officer because to stop and frisk means you are now inches from what is possibly a very bad person,not 20 feet. . That increases the risk to the officer. If there is more than one person to frisk it increases even more if the potential bad guys are willing to use force.
Some how "stop and put your hands on your head" either is followed or none of this stops.
Which brings me back to Darwin ........

Tom said...

I've seen it in NYC, and I'm pretty sure it's a policy that it's always done in pairs. I've seen the subway checkpoints as well, (where bags are randomly searched before allowing people to board) and that's usually a team of people, several of whom remain at least a few steps out of reach.

Cops may be stupid but the people who write the policies aren't. I don't think anyone is policing the south Bronx solo, and that's where the problems are.

chess said...

That is good but if they will not stop in their tracks and put their hands up when asked to do so I have my doubts they will stop for a good "frisking". To the average African american male out at 11 pm to stop and get frisked is a sign of weakness . If you don't stop and frisk 50% Caucasians then you are targeting the blacks and I understand the higher crime level for one group vs the other.
A lot of the videos show no one willing to stop when asked . The black guy shot when he walked back to his suv to get a ?"book?" had his hands up but wouldnt stop. I would start using a taser and its consequences a whole lot sooner cause the more they do not stop the sooner you get to maximum force
Until whomever actually says I will stop and allow this for 1 minute I think it just ends up poorly. But I live in the woods and can not see a neighbor.What do i know