Sunday, October 9, 2016

- America's Last Man

If we were going to measure all the various components of American society by the degree of dishonesty involved, at the very top would be the gap between what women want from men, and what they say they want. This is the central idea behind the red pill – the post feminist male response to Feminism.

Feminism says that what women want is men who treat women like other men. But they only want that if they can change the way that men treat each other into something more like the way women treat other women. This is where the concept of ‘toxic masculinity’ comes from. It’s necessary for men to be gentle, compliant, and not do or say anything that differentiates them from women.

What women really want in men is a two fold thing. They want a man who is the post feminist version American image of a man – what is called a Beta man in red pill conversations. They want him to be reliable, faithful, and to put his personal priorities below hers. The pudgy, incompetent, stable man who will be loyal, consistent and never consider leaving her.

But that isn’t the man she’s sexually attracted to. What she’s sexually attracted to is a man who, when measured against other men in male specific ways, is considered a leader. She wants rich, powerful, strong and commanding. An alpha male. But decades of Feminist perversion of reality have sold her on the illusion that men can be changed so that they can keep the leader and purge the emotional things that have made him lead.

If your only understanding of women is from the ‘blue pill’ mindset, this seems contradictory, but it isn’t. By their biology, women are by nature, more invested in the next generation of humans than men are, so it makes sense that when it comes to choosing fathers they would want the best genes available. Sperm is cheap and replaceable, but eggs are biologically very expensive. The genes that are most likely to lead to advantage for their children come from the strongest, most dominant men. But there is only one leader and a lot of followers, so that tactic does very little for her personally.

The result is that women want both things. Sexually they want the leader to give their children good genes, and emotionally they want the follower, who will hang around and help with raising the children, even if they aren’t his. Feminism’s answer to this quandary is to bed the alpha, and then do everything they can to change him into a Beta.

This is the central lie of post-Feminist male-female relationships. And women, being women, aren’t even honest with themselves about it. To them it’s all instinct and urge. They do it because of how they feel, but the reason they feel that way is invisible to them. All they know is that they find one set of behavior in men ‘sexy’, and another ‘attractive’.

We live, in a post Feminist world. Feminism’s influence in American society is utterly pervasive, and is the defining moral benchmark against which all acts are measured between men and women. But what about between men? Should one man dealing with another always be on the terms that Feminism sets? According to Feminists the answer is obviously yes. According to Feminists we should purge our ‘masculinity’ and suborn it to Feminine priorities for relationships.

And they have a lot of allies in this fight. There are far more men out there who know in their hearts that they will never be leaders. To them, the opportunities for sex that are afforded the Alpha’s have always been a source of resentment. They’re only too happy to join in the Feminist goal of taking the alpha down a peg or two.

Trump is crass. He’s a lowbrow business man with no real depth in political principle. But he’s an alpha man. A leader. He may lead the parade in the wrong direction, but there isn’t any doubt that he’ll be in front of it. His fame gives him opportunities for sex that most of the beltway insider talking heads will never have. They don’t just resent that, they have worked Feminism’s version of morality into every fiber of their being.

Trump doesn’t hate women. He just doesn't naturally think like a woman. Men should be allowed to behave as men with other men, even if it means women and non-dominant men find it crass. That frat-boy banter used to be a normal part of life. He didn’t insult anyone. He wasn’t rude to a woman. He didn’t offend anyone in any way. He was simply being a man. Do you think Navy Seals don't speak to each other this way? Do you think policemen don't? Does that mean they all 'hate women'?

Thanks to Feminism American culture has very little masculinity left. Our special forces soldiers train in high heels, transsexual-ism has become fashionable (98% of which is male to female) and there are no positive masculine role models anywhere in our popular culture. Feminism won’t be the thing that destroys America, but it will be the reason American men will be unable, or far more likely unwilling, to fight back.

We've all seen what having a black president has done for race relations. What do you imagine having a woman president will do for relations between the sexes?

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Stephen Paul Foster said...

Feminism's Modus Operandi is extortion, common to all leftist operations.