Saturday, October 29, 2016

- As NJ Goes...Redux

Texas and Louisiana are both known for the corruption of their state governments, and there is a saying in both that I think rings very true. “Thank God for New Jersey.” Many years ago I wrote that as NJ goes, so goes the nation. And in NJ, corruption is seen as something endemic and irreversible in government. It’s not seen as an unfortunate byproduct of well intentioned people trying to ease bureaucratic pain and red tape, it’s seen as ‘the way things are done’. No one complains about it, the press doesn’t take notice of it. It’s simply seen as a fact of nature like the tide.

It’s hard to imagine that the Federal government isn’t going down the same road. Even if you plan to vote for her, Hillary Clinton is obviously, blatantly corrupt, incompetent or both. But no one much seem to care. “It’s just the way things are done” say both the leftist journalists, and the Nevertrumpers.

Sure, the Nevertrumpers put up a token complaint here or there, but in the end they know they’ll be ignored because no one cares about it anymore. All that matters is crushing the “sexual predator/KKK/Jew hating ignorant rednecks” and their candidate of choice.

In New Jersey the lines are drawn not across political parties, but across the division of ‘close to a politician and ‘not close to a politician’. Politicians have political power so they get what they want. It’s sort of a state wide protection shakedown. And you are either paying your protection, or your are suffering because someone else has.

Well this is the future of our Federal government under the Clintons. The Gay Mafia, the green energy lobby, feminists, black Lies matter, the ‘borderless nation immigration advocates’ and all the white male hating constituencies have paid their dues. Everyone else, watch out. The justice (cough) department has a very long reach and an unrestricted charter, so you will be finding yourself in difficult circumstances if you get on the wrong side of the groups above.

It’s really just a matter of time.

Time makes people used to things, even bad things. Liberals have relied on that to incrementally degrade our culture and government one inch at a time over decades. And soon the rest of the country will look very much like NJ, which is to say "that which isn't mandatory, is forbidden."

Makes you proud to be an American doesn't it?


chess said...

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It happens in our universe and in any aspect of our government or anything else... Resistance is futile.

Stephen Paul Foster said...

Yes, Hillary is cut from the same bolt of cloth as the likes of Erich Honecker and Nicolae Ceaușescu.


Muzzlethemuz said...

There does seem to be an inexorable pull towards the precipice on the domestic front. I see shit storm in any event. There's too much bad juju in play, everywhere. Even if Brussels and DC can close ranks and impose their free trade dystopian social order on the West, the East is restive, ascendant and carries its XY credentials with pride. Nukes will fly in my lifetime, of that I am quite sure. My question now is what will Hillary call her detention camps, where do the nukes fly to and what sort of yields are we talking about.