Sunday, October 9, 2016

- Election 2016: Where We Are

Those things which can’t continue, won’t. That’s simply a fact. Muzz mentioned in the comments section the gap in belief that’s become a common theme in this election. Trump supporters (to the degree that they are not simply anti-Clinton) believe that we are nearing the end of the line, where the beltway Never-Trump right seems to think we can simply go on forever with only minor adjustments to our course.

I’m of the former belief, but not because of economics (though that part of the discussion is obvious to anyone with the requisite background and honesty). I feel that way because we’re losing the ability to make rational judgments about public policy. That’s the ‘root cause’ of our situation. If we cannot make rational judgments based on facts, it will become impossible for us to solve any of our problems, or even provide the kind of minor corrections that we require to maintain the status quo for a few more years.

Central to that is the willingness and strength to recognize facts we don’t want to address. Facts which are uncomfortable for us. This election cycle has taught us that the left aren’t the only ones who ignore facts they don’t like. The right has begun to recognize that there are issues with our ideology the same as there are for the left. The facts of race relations and open borders have finally begun to creep into the Overton window. The boldest of the right have begun to openly discuss them. But we haven’t broached the toughest of the topics.

Those of us who can recall what life was like during the cold war, can remember the last time we were a country with a single unifying principle. But since then we have become deeply fractured. One of the thoughts I’ve always tried to keep in mind in my personal life was that hardship can be trying, but if you really want to know what a man is made of, try giving him everything he’s ever hoped for. That, far more than hardship, will tell you what a man is really made of.

In a way, that’s what’s happened to America. The destruction of our single existential enemy meant that we no longer faced any serious threat. The asymmetric warfare provided us by the Arab world may be inconvenient on a national and cultural level, but they will never invade. Even China, with its inward looking philosophy has no imperial ambitions that will involve conventional warfare with America.

So we did what most young people do when they win the lottery. We descended immediately into decadence, and unintentional self-destruction. The frivolity of our current political discussions can’t be overstated. While the much more serious issues of our direction are all ignored because we’ve convinced ourselves that they can be.

Economic failure is inevitable, and in my opinion, unavoidable. And I don’t mean a little blip like the bubble or the mortgage crisis. I mean genuine economic failure. Our lives are built around a level of expectation that cannot be maintained indefinitely. We are eating our seed corn – the seed corn that was supposed to be for future generations. Liberals believe that if we simply import more people we can solve the demographic crisis that Feminism has created by lowering our birth rate, but we can’t do that without changing who we are. There aren’t enough ‘winners’ out there to get only the ‘right immigrants’.

So here then is our choice. Either we revert to the global mean by choosing the liberal route and in the process become something other than the America of the past, or we deal with the short term immediate pain of dealing with what will be the worst economic downturn in human history, and correcting our course afterward.

But if we can no longer make rational choices, how can we possibly hope to make a correction either now or later?

The culture of America changes more slowly than it’s politics, and politics is downstream of culture. I support Trump because, inelegant and immature as he may be, he is the only candidate I’ve seen who is unaffected by the post cold war decadence that America has descended into. And he’s that way because he doesn’t have to be.

Think about that a minute. Think about it honestly. If you were given a billion dollars, tax free – with no caveats, would you still go to work in the morning? How about 2 years from now after you’ve gotten accustomed to the private jets, the winters in St Baarts, the fashion show runways, and taking your Yacht to the Cannes film festival? What would your marriage be like after a few years of being openly hit on by Israeli supermodels and California actresses, one, two, and three at a time?

In that kind of environment, what would your next ambition be? Public school pension reform? Redistricting in suburban Texas? You’re a super-national now. You can live anywhere, buy anything. The entirety of human experience is available to you in all its varied shapes, colors and sizes. Why should you care what a few of the plebs are up to? The odds are you won’t. And that’s more likely than you’re probably willing to admit.

We on the right have not fought the culture war in a very long time. We’ve ceded all the ground upstream of politics to the left, and they have been as decadent and as irresponsible with their power as the circumstance I just described. It’s become so pervasive that as a culture we are about to lose our ability to make rational decisions.

To elect Hillary Clinton is to give the left the last bit of power it will ever need. They already have the only real megaphone. Electing her will give them both the authority and the time they need to encode their moral judgments into law. And once that happens, there will quite literally be no going back. The ego salving emotional reasoning that the left embraces, will become ‘the only way problems are solved’ in America. That reasoning will have behind it, the full force of law. And that will be the end of the Republic.

Trump may be a poor messenger, but he’s the only hope America has. He is the cultural mean reversion. The pushback. Crass and base as he may be, he’s the only choice we have. He’s the only American man in public life, who is prepared and willing to tell the left he doesn’t care how ‘naughty’ they think he is. He is the only man left with nothing to lose and who feels no need to surrender. The rest of us have been so defeated by incremental Feminism that he’s all we have left.

Whatever you think of him, you need to vote for him. That’s a rational judgment. Maybe one of our last.


Here is Maggie Gallager not seeing the forest, but getting a glimpse of the trees.


chess said...

As Eberstadt writes, “This mass retreat from the workforce has been possible to ignore because these men are largely socially invisible and inert.”

That's me.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Nigel Farage weighs in:

chess said...

You need a crystal ball to see if Trump gains some votes from minority men for that alpha male. Then the same crystal ball on how many of Muzz's fence sitters he loses. Then with that ball still glowing how many Bernie's army say screw her for the goldies excerpts..
Then ask the ball how many Wikileaks are about to be dropped and how many more hot mic crap is still coming.
Toss in 2 debates .Throw the ball away and toss a coin.Heads or tails????? I am about to start another 3-4 weeks of no humans.Sweet

Muzzlethemuz said...

Tom, you are a better read and more insightful than anything I'm seeing on NR.