Wednesday, October 26, 2016

-Fatso Has an Epiphany, The NRA Channels RFNJ, and Other Observations...

While it is not a Trump Campaign ad, Moore hits all the points. 

Recently, I re-upped my NRA Membership. I received a nifty digital camo gym bag (they call it a range bag). For years, Tom has been suggesting that the NRA start showing Black Americans stating their case for supporting 2A. Fox is running one of the commercials. This is the most recent one:

Wikileaks has confirmed what we know all along. Hillary is corrupt. Really, really corrupt. and Obama is an enormous lying d-bag. But I digress. Project Veritas has been doing their part as well. Today they unveiled Rigging the Election Part VI - must watch!

Early voting began in Florida this week. Many of my latino co-workers (knowing my anti-Hillary, anti-corruption stance) reverted to "street-spanish" to discuss why they need to convince people to vote for Hillary and why I don't understand that time are changing. They forget that I understand spanish, portuguese, italian, french etc... When questioned by one of the "latinas" why I could not support Hillary, I pointed to my Anti-Money Laundering Certification. "That's why."
But Trump is supposed to be evil... whatever. I asked them why they left Central and South America (politically), and if true, why would they vote for the very same style of government monster that they and their kin have fled from? touche! I was also asked what I thought of Obama. Put it plainly I asked if they would rather take home more money in their pay check or pay for foodstamps for drug mules? Silly latins,
The big October surprise is the failure of Obamacare. But we knew this from the get-go. Obamacare is like Chernobyl. We are watching it meltdown but some of the architects are paralyzed with fear and will continue to bray that all is well. Ezekiel Emmanuel has been saying it's not as bad as it looks oy vey!
The next two weeks will be interesting ...


Muzzlethemuz said...

So my question is, what is their response to:

"I asked them why they left Central and South America (politically), and if true, why would they vote for the very same style of government monster that they and their kin have fled from?"

Is there one?

BillD said...

At 69 with two titanium hips, living in gun-hostile New Jersey, I'm not into shooting sports these days, but I am converting my annual NRA membership to life membership on the installment plan. I consider it an investment in the welfare of my children and grandchildren.

ikaika said...

Muzz - the latinos had no answer for me other than the usual "but Trump is a maniac!"
Arguing american politics is with a latino is pointless. I usually give them something to chew on like that photo of Hillary smiling and laughing at something charming and witty uttered by Hugo Chavez, or the photo of Hillary with Dilma, or Hillary with Cristina Fernadez de Kirchner.

BiiD -god on you. The next generations will need all the help we can give them.

Muzzlethemuz said...

Ikaika, thanks for the follow-up. I'm a little boggled by the Latino conundrum. The ag regions out my way are dominated by Mexican communities and while there are the gang issues we tend to associate with some of this trending, on the balance I have come to see the Latino (Mexican in particular) values as generally more consistent with late 1940's America than anything going on right now. Family dominates, the work ethic is impeccable, families go out in the evenings and the men wear their campesino chic and the girls really dress it up. I've been quite impressed with this group. How the Republican party managed to screw up this relationship, I am not sure as "the Mexicans" seem as a group to be more inherently Republican and onboard that program than with what the Dems are pushing. The immigration problem is part of this but many Mexicans, once here, tend to be anti-immirgant to some degree. Again, what I'm seeing is a rural population and as I have remarked often on this site, the rural/urban divide is a chasm at this juncture in our history. I don't have an answer per se but the move of the Latino vote to the Dems is huge loss and one that would have been preventable in defter hands.

BillD: Kudos to you! I just renewed this past week myself and noticed the Life Membership went up quite a bit since last year but it's on my todo list.

Stephen Paul Foster said...

Hillary is a combination of Imelda Marcos (corruption,arrogance and venality) and Leonid Brezhnev (looks,personality and charisma). If elected, see;