Thursday, October 6, 2016

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A few months ago, I was the only white person at a wedding in Jamaica. The bride was black, the groom was black, my date (a former coworker of the bride) was asian. She and the bride work in finance, the groom ran his own rapidly growing small business, and everyone was as polite as they could be. We all had a good time.

This event was held at a mid-range Jamaican resort, so the racial make-up of the guests was mixed. At one point I passed a woman in the hallway who was of an obviously different class than the wedding party, and in my opinion she carried herself like she was from the hood. When I saw her, she was wearing a shirt that made me laugh out loud in spite of myself. On it, written in very large letters, was the single word: "DOPE". The irony of it was several layers deep.

These hoodies should say that on the back.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

My experience with the Jamaicans is they are night and day in differences. Typical example:

My one tenant runs his own business and works obscene hours. He speaks what I would describe as 'The Queen's English'. The man stands 6'5", all muscle, and is all gentleman.

My other (thankfully long gone) tenant had a hair full of dreads, spoke like a Jamaican would from central casting, and the times he did pay his rent, it was a manila envelope full of $5 bills. You can guess where his "income" came from.

Needless to say, these two guys didn't get along. "Rastaman" considered Mr. Queen's English to be a contemptible upper-class oppressor. Mr. Queen's English considered Rastaman to be vermin.

Muzzlethemuz said...

Another of Obama's sons, I presume?

chess said...

We all know something said 11 years ago shouldn't matter.. But turn out the lights the party's over.

chess said...

Trump needs to step aside today. Elevate Pence to prez candidate and let him debate her tomorrow nite. Pence should then take Nikki Haley for vp. This is over...Toast. Fini.
It is not fair but life sometimes is not fair.. If he stays in the SCOTUS is done for our lifetimes .Add the senate / house and and and and.......................
Trump step down for the sake of the party. He will be remembered for unifying the repubs and carrying the torch. He can keep sort of campaigning for you deplorables!!!

Tom said...

No one is more sympathetic to cynicism than me chess, but it's a different world than I think you can see from there. The sisterhood is trying to make masculinity illegal. Trump hasn't done anything here except talk to a man the way many men talk. I think in the current political light, more people will be sympathetic to that than you imagine.

Last Thursday I was out with another single man, and we were discussing women. I said much worse things than Trump did, and I'm an altar boy where issues like that are concerned. I don't think anyone but the press will much care.

chess said...

I will take that bet. He can not apologize by saying "well Bill Clinton did worse".. He just doesn't apologize well. If he uses your line of it was just locker room guy stuff ,it is honest and we have all done it but I dont think that cuts it.. As I said it isn't fair but it is what it is.
The weirdest thing I can try to reach for is that this somehow gets him some male black and Latino voters. for the masculinity thing. .
Even though I am a huuuuge recluse I do see the world from here for what it is and where it is heading and where it has been. I came from not having running water till I was 15 to putting August Busch 3rd to sleep for his emergency bypass. . I ended a career at 50 because I couldn't stand what people ie, patients had become.Reading people has never been my shortcoming. As Saturday night live did a skit on Jesse Jackson I can say I went from eating in cheap joints to eating with the joint chiefs. Now I drive a total of 1800 miles a year.. In fact I just went 3 weeks without actually talking to a human.It is sweet.
You are not running for president. Should a discussion from 11 years ago matter? NO. But it does on the fringe and that is all that is out there for him.He always finds a way to shit on himself even when it is from 11 years ago.Those finally start adding up.. He should leave a stage like Hannibal Lector was transported.He stays that way till the next rally. He had better hope for Assange to lob him a softball very soon. If there are no softballs I will stick with electoral debacle.

chess said...

I go back to a column a week? ago-ish when he said all she has is the media....I think I replied that is a bazooka for her. She will hold her own tomorrow night. If he lashes out at her it will come across as him being childish after this grabbing pu...y shit.
She will center in on Florida Pennsylvania and North Carolina and maybe Ohio and other than that you will not see her. My final question is was this a one time hot mike or will there be more. I suspect the Clinton camp have more but will only use those as needed and very close to election day.