Wednesday, October 12, 2016

- Life Under A Feminist Sky

You’re a cis-gender heterosexual man, and when you saw Donald Trump’s discussion with Billie Bush you were horrified. “How can any man treat women with such disrespect!” you said to yourself. That’s an easy question. He can, because they want him to.

Keep in mind… they don’t want you to. You could never get away with treating women that way – not even with unattractive women. You aren’t famous and rich. But Trump can get away with it because being rich and famous has the same effect on women as being a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model has on men.

From a man like him, being 'treated as a sex object' is seen as a 'huuuge' compliment. It means she's so hot she can even get a rich famous man like Trump. If you're attractive enough, women enjoy being objectified immensely. It's an ego boost. A compliment.

Why do you think good looking girls dress that way? Everything about women is really about sex. It's much more important to them than it is to us, and on a completely different level. They know their sex gives them power over us, and the most attractive of them use it as a weapon, while the least attractive want to enforce a political disarmament rather than having to go around unarmed.

That Trump can get away with treating women like that seems unfair to you, and it is. It’s one of the many things about life that remain unfair no matter how we try to use the law to change them. But women are attracted by what attracts them, the same as men. No law is going to change that. But that isn’t going to stop Feminists from trying.

If you’re a guy whose more like me, you weren’t put off by Trump’s comments in the first place. But it wouldn’t have mattered if you were. The new rules that Feminists want to see implemented won’t matter much to guys like me. I’m not famous or even super rich. But I am well off, and combined with the fact that I’m more attractive than average in other ways means that the new Feminist rules that apply to less attractive men will never be enforced against me.

That’s the thing. What Feminists want isn’t to limit the options of men they are attracted to. All they want to do is limit the options of men they find unattractive. They want the law to be a reflection of them and their egos. Remember, how attractive a man is to women involves more than his looks. You saw the ‘crazy-Hot matrix’ - if a man is rich enough it doesn’t matter to women what he looks like. But if a man has enough of a combination of looks, fame, wealth, and charm, the new Feminist rules won’t apply to him either.

But they will apply to you. You know this, and it’s why you embraced Feminism in the first place. You thought Feminism would make girls more promiscuous, and it has, which has opened up some options for you, but no options that you actually like. What you’re trying to do by embracing it is to be an ‘insider’. Get close to the women by agreeing with them. And while they rant and rage about the ‘dick’ who mistreated them (who they can’t get out of their mind and would go back to in a second if he'd have them), you plan to take what opportunities present themselves.

Sure, you can have some blue haired, drunken, tattooed freak for the night if you find yourself in the right place at the right time, and that’s a nice release. Certainly better than nothing. But you wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone like that, let alone raise children with them. And in the meantime, guys you think are total dicks, like Trump, and sometimes me, will still be the only thing those women can think about. They’ll forget about you as soon as you get your pants back on.

But it will always be different for guys like Trump. Leonardo DiCaprio will still be able to have anyone. That isn’t going to change. And while Trump will continue to bed supermodels, and guys like me leave with your hotter than average dates while you’re in the men’s room, the new rules of Feminism will close in on guys like you like a trap. What Feminists really want, but will never admit, is they want to make all the choices of who gets who. Put another way, Feminism is really just a complicated and convoluted strategy for ugly girls to ‘better deal’ guys like you. If they make thinking like a man illegal, Feminists imagine that men will stop finding the young swimsuit model so much more attractive than them.

Think about it. It’s true that not all Feminists are repulsive, but did you ever wonder why repulsive women all seem to be Feminists? It holds a natural appeal for them. They see it as a way to remake the world of what men find attractive. And in a world where virtually no one wants them, they see absolutely anything else as a big improvement.

It’s not about morality. Since when did Feminists ever care about morality? Sure, they make it seem like a moral argument, but it isn’t. It’s about sex and access. That’s it. The thing they’re so angry about is that no man who they want, wants them back. They think that’s a problem with men but it isn’t. It’s a problem with their expectations.

I’m the first to admit that this is complicated, and it doesn’t seem ‘connected’ enough. But modern Feminism is decades of bad ideas layered on bad ideas, with the most effective motivator known to man as an incentive. And you need to recognize what it really is far more than I do. Because life under a Feminist sky is not going to change things for me or Trump. but it will be world that you really don't want to live in.

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