Tuesday, October 18, 2016

- The Morality of Women

There is an interesting piece from the College fix about students being told "be a man" is part of toxic masculinity. The quotes are fun, go read them. But a different couple of lines are what jumped out at me.

“We are in a culture that doesn’t value caring,”

Anyone who thinks that women value "caring" more highly than men, doesn't understand men or women.

Show me a woman who says that she would literally die or kill for another woman (one who isn't her daughter at least), and I'll show you a liar. But men make such existential commitments to each other all the time and mean them. It's common in our culture to describe men as disloyal, but the commitment of combat soldiers to one another dwarves any ever made by a woman. Women will not risk themselves for other women. But I've been lucky enough to have a number of friends who I've made that commitment to, and gotten it in return. It was always offered seriously.

Women on the other hand, despise other women. I'm a little older now, so I can tell you dozens of stories about the hostility that a single 40 year old feels toward any and all single 22 year olds. But it's so common a theme that you don't need me to. Those women know that man like me could have a younger girl if I wanted one, and they resent it terribly. They know that since they are past their prime childbearing years, their value has been reduced in the eyes of men.

Many think it shouldn't be, but what does 'should' have to do with it?

Since it looks quite likely that we'll be going down this treacherous road together, we should all start acknowledging the way women really are instead of the way they describe themselves. They don't believe is 'caring', they are vicious, backbiting, nasty, hostile creatures whose wrath can be brought down in a heartbeat and without apparent cause. The closest they actually come to believing in caring, is believing in their own feelings, and believing that violence is terrifying. Women will do anything to avoid fear, even happily choose slavery.

And when they get to define all our morals, they will expect we men to do the same.

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