Wednesday, October 26, 2016

- A Note To Suburban Moms

This is a little note to all those suburban moms out there who are so horrified by Trump’s disrespectful comments (made in private, with no women present, to another guy) that you’re considering voting for the most obviously and visibly corrupt politician in a generation.

By now you know how happy the media is to tell only one side of the story, even if it wildly distorts the picture of what’s really going on. Well there is ample evidence that in Hillary’s America, they will be just as happy to make it up out of whole cloth.

We’re all familiar with the phenomenon of ‘racial hate crime’ narrative collapse. My first recollection of it was Tawana Brawley, who smeared swastikas on her body in her own feces, and then claimed it was the Westchester county prosecutor who did it. This was one of the key events which brought that paragon of American society Al Sharpton to the fore.

And some of you may know about the ongoing University of Virginia libel suit where Rolling Stone magazine published an account of a woman who said she was gang raped at a frat party. Now that her delusional tale has been completely debunked, the fraternity is suing both Rolling Stone Magazine and the University. Steve Sailer was an early responder to the ridiculous fantasy published actual journalism, and has a great piece on the subsequent lawsuit against Rolling Stone here.

You’re probably thinking, OK that’s just college kids, but that’s the point. Hillary and the Democrats are desperate to make the rest of America (known to them as the “corporate racist patriarchy”) look just like America’s college campuses. False rape accusations are legion there, because the girls know there is no check on their lies. They can say whatever they want, true or not, and there are no consequences for them.

When Hillary is elected, this sort of policy will be coming to an HR department near you.

If you’re an average guy and you ask the cute girl in the next department if she’d like to have coffee, it may be a career ending mistake. Sexual assault is considered any ‘unwanted’ sexual comment or act. If the girl decides, even months after the fact, that she was offended by a guy like you having the nerve to ask out a girl like her, you have committed a offense.

Meanwhile, the tall, good looking, rich guy can do what he likes because the girls are more likely to want his attention. If he’s considered ‘hot enough’ by the girls in the office, (maybe you work at Glamour magazine and the candidates for the world’s hottest guy are milling around) he can even grab them by the pussy without any risk of legal issues. That isn’t a joke.

Under Feminism we are not equal under the law. The Feminist standard doesn’t care what you do. The Feminist standard only cares about how the woman feels about what you do. But there is another side to it.

Suppose you are the hot guy in the office, and you have an interest in the hot girl. Suppose she makes it clear she is interested in you, and you ask her out. She says yes – problem avoided right? Wrong. Because the angry blue haired fat girl in the office thought you were hot too, and she’s very angry that you weren’t interested in her. So she decides, exactly like the girl in the UVA rape case, to accuse you of sexual assault to ‘put you in your place’, strike a blow for empowering women, and get herself the ultimate social boost in today’s America, ‘victim’ status.

Under Feminist America the second she makes the allegation she is considered a victim, and ‘must be believed’. No law will ever cause people in authority to actually believe someone who is obviously lying, but if the law says they have to, they will need to behave ‘as if’ they believed her, so to you it won’t make any difference.

You’ll be investigated, and your career will at the very least be put on hold. If there was ever an off color joke, comment or really anything at all that can be misinterpreted as a sexual comment ever uttered by you in the presence of this woman, you are going to lose your job. And that’s the minimum. This is what’s going on now on college campuses.

If you’re a suburban mother with a son, you may want to think about that. Think about how easy it would be for one of these deranged little girls to ruin your son’s life. If you’re a mother with a daughter, just imagine what it will be like for your daughter to find a good man in an environment where the men have all figured out that they should stick to porn and their Gameboy rather than try to date in an environment where every ‘hello’ could result in legal consequences. That’s what your vote for Hillary will bring.

And then think about what life will be like for your daughter with the men who aren’t constrained by the new “Feminine protection” laws. Guys who are good looking enough, rich enough of otherwise popular enough to get attention from all the girls will have free reign to do whatever they like to your little treasure. There will be no ‘good guys’ to defend her because the ‘good guy’ will be made extinct. All men are potential rapists after all, so all there will be out there are actual potential rapists. The other guys will retreat into isolation to avoid the potentially catastrophic consequences of a misstep.

Being ‘grabbed by her pussy’ will be the least of your little girl’s problems.

You probably think I’m hyperbolizing, and maybe I am a little – just just a little. The marriage strike is already a real thing and is the first wave of men’s response to victim culture as applied to feminism. The other changes on college campuses can already be seen on the horizon too, and all this is having an effect. These days the men with choices don’t want American women. “Too Much Trouble” they universally agree.

I have no stake in this. By the time a man reaches my age and level of success, he has all the options in dating and the women have none. I don’t have to approach women at all anymore. The half a million or so 30 and 40 something single women in New york are so desperate for any male attention that they approach me all the time. I’m not trying to feather my nest here.

I’m just trying to warn you that you’re burning your children’s bridge to a happy life by supporting Hillary. The world has changed, as has Feminism. And you should take that into consideration when you either vote or not.

(Give this one to the wives guys. Get the sewing circle discussing it.)


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

It gets worse. Ignoring / avoiding women can also be interpreted as "creating a hostile work environment".

Sadly, most of the women I know at work are voting for Hillary, including some of the younger guys. The reason: the "pussy" comment. All the Hillary corruption and general awfulness has no effect on these people. It is like they completely block it out or pretend it is all made up.

Muzzlethemuz said...

Additional favorable changes include technology. Very difficult to back away from treatises and innuendo sent via text. ROK or a related site actually addressed that while back. The bulk of my experience being on the criminal side of things, rather than civil... a phone full of suggestive, invitational or reciprocative messaging from her to him would certainly add to the circumstantial burden a prosecutor would have to contend with. I see what you're saying but again, 1. out in the sticks we're about 20 years behind the times. The office environment I'm seeing simply isn't that sophisticated. 2. date foreign or 1st gen. American girls, esp. with origins south of the border, they seem immune to all of this. 3. Up your game. 4. Wait them out. Spend the 20's and 30's building up a resume and bank account, then hit the scene. The hottie guys... that's biology, nothing "normal" dudes can do about that but the majority of the field is normal dudes and normal gals for that matter. What I see more than anything is that 7's - 10's ages 22 - 30 have more options open to them than likely at any time in our species' history. Heat, especially in the the US, seems to go for a premium. What blows me away about the 7 - 10 is that is it so fleeting. The decline from 30 - 35 is precipitous and 35 - 40 terminal. Not in all cases but generally speaking, that's a pretty accurate statement. So in my estimation the flaming, nuclear-hot babe strutting through the office in "business attire" and 5 inch heels has a very short shelf life. The guy on the other hand, not so much. The ball is still in our court but you have to know how to play the game and it has to be played well.