Wednesday, October 12, 2016

- Politics In America: 2016

There is a flame war ongoing on Twitter between the #blacklivesmatter crowd (who are acting like they represent victims of a serious injustice) and the #clownlivesmatter crowd (who are doing the same.) It's an elegant bit of sarcasm I think, but it's tragic that in a once great nation, this is what the conversation has degraded to.

In the area of comedy the US is still a leader. In the area of serious political thinking, probably not so much.

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Muzzlethemuz said...

Keep your powder dry.

If Hillary ascends to the throne it will serve as a green light for the forces of chaos and disorder to go bizerk. Whether all hell breaks loose first on the home front or overseas, 2020 is a viable D-Date so plan accordingly.*

Here's some clues to look for in the immediate months following Her victory:

1. The establishment of a full-time Department of Homeland Security bureau dealing solely with the oversight of local PD and sheriffs offices, eventually morphing into a uniformed national police force.

2. Coordinating firearm ownership through IRS tax roles much as was done with the ACA. Everything gets tracked through tax roles. Remember Al Capone.

3. Ammunition regulation as it now pending in California. Hilly will seek to emulate this. Get ready to see lead become the new precious metal.

4. US Forces on the Pacific Rim and Middle East being forced to the periphery of these theaters by the actions of China and Russia i.e. a strategic weakening of US deterrent capability to the point of inviting regional destabilization up to and including the employment of tactical nuclear weapons.

5. American inner cities, presently off limits to most suburban folk, will become de facto favelas of the Brazilian variety. Prepare to enter these areas only when you need ammo or black guns (pun intended).

6. The power of words, the foundation of human communication and really, human society, will increasingly be diluted by the post-modern attack on their very meaning. A requisite tactic of the rabid, regressive Left to insure that all is the same ergo, no offense taken and none given. All will be equal though, "some are more equal than others."

7. And when words cease to have any meaning, that's exactly when actions will come into play. It is inevitable.

*To be taken with a grain of salt.