Wednesday, October 5, 2016

- Regarding "The Narrative"

It’s hard to overstate the importance of this particular Steve Sailer piece. It’s not very excerpt-able, but I definitely recommend you go read it.

The narrative is all the left has, so they’ll defend it at all cost. As Steve says, it isn’t a conspiracy per se. It’s a perspective. A frame of reference that is a starting point for all their attitudes and opinions. Steve may be right about the people at the top and their malicious intentions, it certainly seems to apply to a person like Hillary Clinton. But the people at the bottom, the true believers, they embrace it because they feel they should. For them it’s a moral paradigm and is essential to their virtue signaling, and they need that signaling to ensure their social acceptance.

The need for social acceptance is an interesting thing. Like all other means by which people can be compared, the need for social acceptance is a normal distribution. Some people require it utterly, some need it not at all, and most, are somewhere in between. And I think that need correlates very strongly to personal insecurity.

Let’s not mince words here. Personal insecurity is about SMV. As an example, I’m convinced, right or wrong, that I have a higher than average SMV. Is that the ‘truth’? Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t. But because I believe it’s so, I don’t feel the need to be the same as everyone else. The places where I deviate from ‘normal’ are all things that I think give me an advantage, so I see no need to seek acceptance by people who are average, because I think that’s less valuable than I really am.

But for the people who believe they have a lower than average SMV, social acceptance becomes a vital thing. They may be unattractive, or not very smart, or not make a lot of money, and those things may make them less desirable to the opposite sex. But virtue signaling is ‘superiority on the cheap’. It’s a small price to pay for those people who feel like they lost the genetic lottery, and would rather be considered ‘the same as everyone else’ than to be seen for who they really are.

You may find this strange to hear, but I have sympathy for those people. It must be very difficult to go through life always feeling like you’re worth less than others. It’s got to be painful to be reminded of your deficiencies every time you’re in public. To be overlooked (or worse) by women you think you’d like to meet, or if you’re a woman, to be ignored by even mediocre looking men. To be passed over or disregarded agin and again, simply because you lost the genetic lottery in some small way. I can definitely see where that overwhelming desire for acceptance springs from.

But the cultural poison comes from the fact that their insecurity makes them so easily manipulated. Women and unattractive men are manipulated by radical feminists who despise men and want to overturn the natural order of male-female relationships. Blacks are manipulated by race baiters who seek to exploit their anger at those who are more intelligent and therefore more successful than they are.

They buy into ‘the narrative’ because they know that in the natural order of a free society, they would be forced to settle for less than they want. The narrative promises to overturn man’s unequal nature and create a world where we are all equal by force. It’s an effort to make equality a moral imperative, and to shatter anything that makes some people naturally better or more appealing than others. In short, it’s a perspective that holds an amazing appeal to the people who believe they would otherwise lose.

That’s the left. They’re losers – or at least believe they are. They believe they can’t ever win if the playing field were level, so they are doing all they can to unlevel it in their favor. They believe it’s a moral imperative, and they’ll support anyone who promises to give them something for nothing, because they believe they need it. It all ties together for them and intersects in their most hidden insecurities. It’s all one thing. And that’s why they don’t need a conspiracy.

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chess said...

I doubt anything will change the left or for that matter the far-right until things are broken down and possibly rebuild out of the crap hole we are heading for.
Muzz? Duterte's approval rating is 76% and I think he is going to kill the other 24%
I watched some of the vp debate last pm.. Pence has a fast brain. Not super fast but still laps ahead of Trump.
And unless something happens in the last 2 debates it will still be hers to lose. In fact unless the planets align and Bernie's folks dont stays home and all the dead folks still get to the polls it could be an electoral debacle for Trump.