Wednesday, November 16, 2016

- About That Rash of Hate Crime

When the Tea party launched a massive protest in Washington to try to influence electors into voting against Obamacare, they cleaned up all their garbage afterward. That's how conservatives protest. when Liberals decided to protest ... it's never really been perfectly clear what they were protesting, probably western civilization or something... they put together a smelly ramshackle campground in a park in NYC, and tried to sell drugs to the locals. That's how liberals protest. If there was ever any doubt in your mind who was responsible for the 'rash of hate crimes' that have sprung up since Donald Trump's election, then you haven't been paying very close attention. When the first reports of a hate crime spree came in right after the election, I wrote half a blog post about it, willing to bet real cash that 100% of the new 'hate crime spree' would eventually be proved to have come from hysterical liberals. But I never posted it because when I reread it I thought it was boring. That happens a lot when you've been complaining about the same mass delusions for over a decade. You start to get repetitive.

Well the narrative collapse continues apace., and here we all are, still talking about it.

Liberals have a great deal of trouble separating reality from their imagination. They are ruled by their own irrational fears in a way I think it's difficult for most conservatives to understand or appreciate. But at times of stress it turns into what I think anyone would call a mental illness - a delusion so pronounced and perverse, that is certainly qualifies.

Conservatives tend to be afraid of real things, with real consequences, and spend much of our time trying to choose between two or more (at best) imperfect solutions to real life problems. Liberals spend their time imagining how perfect the world would be if only they could just kill off the last few monsters who lives under their bed. but their aren't any real monsters, just frightened children who swear they heard a bump.

I can all but guarantee that the liberals who drew all those swastikas, or pretended their hijab was pulled, or had "go back to Myanmar" screamed at them or whatever, all though that those stories would be more believable because they imagined tens of thousands of real hate crimes being perpetrated by Trump supporters, and they would help them cover their tracks. They were probably just trying to get to the front of victim queue, for the added social status it buys them in liberal-world. They didn't realize that the couple of other hate crimes (reported by liberal journos and the MSM as "hundreds of chilling examples of hate") were all just fakes too.

As a guy who spent most of his life working with probability, I say 100% very reluctantly. I know there is always that last outlier, and instead I say things like "non-zero probability" or some other equivocation. But I'm absolutely sure that 100% of ALL the hate crimes reported since Trump was elected, will either be tracked back to some liberal perpetrator, or will remain unproven, with a liberal as the leading suspect.

Conservatives build worlds, not destroy them. We clean up our garbage, not spray paint it on cars and around the campus. Only a liberal could imagine otherwise.

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