Friday, November 4, 2016

- Advocates Of "Rape Culture" Myth... raped

CHARLOTTESVILLE — A federal court jury decided Friday that a Rolling Stone journalist defamed a former University of Virginia associate dean in a 2014 magazine article about sexual assault on campus that included a debunked account of a fraternity gang rape.

The 10 member jury concluded that the Rolling Stone journalist was responsible for defamation, with actual malice, in the case brought by Nicole Eramo, a U-Va. administrator who oversaw sexual violence cases at the time of the article’s publication. The jury also found the magazine and its publisher responsible for defaming Eramo.

My guess... the Obama Justice Department wasn't involved.

There are a few pieces of good news here. First, the 'journalists' of America are seeing some pushback. They can no longer invent stories from whole cloth like Rolling Stone did in the UVA case. Second, the myth of 'Rape Culture', one of the cornerstones of third wave feminism, is taking a serious hit. The next girl who thinks to invent a rape story will be at least a little more reluctant to do so. The injustice department may rule the roost with criminal prosecutions, but the civil courts apparently still work. That's a two edged sword at best, but at least it still cuts both ways. That's better than the criminal courts seem to be doing lately.

Don't worry... I'm sure PResident Hillary has a plan to fix that.


MikeCLT said...

What about the men falsely accused rape? I have seen interviews and news stories about this case by the dean but no one ever mentions the falsely accused men and what they suffered as a result. So 1-1/2 cheers.

chess said...

I am sorry but in missery we dont get any ads since its big Trump. But out there any-freakin-where in he rest of this country does Trump ever say he can be trusted with that dam nuclear football that O and H keep hitting him over the head with?????>???? Jesus- freaking Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As far as I can see thats all she can run on and I bet there's a sizable chunk of stupidity out there that swallows that. Time after freakin time "in 4 minutes he could launch". I feel like Belushi in Animal House on the stairs with the guy playing that guitar.....Sorry.