Monday, November 14, 2016

- Attacking The Winners From 2 Sides

All this talk of disbanding the Electoral College is fun, but silly. It's serving the purpose it was supposed to. Liberals want it gone, but they don't have any power left, and you can't change the electoral college without getting rid of the twelfth amendment, and that's not gonna happen. You would need to get the states to ratify it, and small states would be idiotic to submit to the will of the big states. The children can stamp their feet and hold their breath till they turn blue, but the debate is already over really.

But I'm beginning to wonder if the media isn't prepared to incite a coup in order to preserve their equalist worldview. Jamelle Boiue certainly seems prepared to go the distance. OK... It's Jamelle Boiue. Fair enough.

But Jonah Goldberg seems pretty ticked off too. If you think neither of those writers is 'mainstream', I beg to differ. Between them I think they are representative of a very large chuck of the typical elite coastal dweller opinion. They may not be what America looks like, but they definitely represent most people in NYC.

There is a danger in the kind of mandate of the moment that Trump won. Yes, Obama and the Social Justice department have vastly over-reached. The Gay Mafia, the Feminists, and the borderless nation advocates have too. And now there will be reversion to the mean. But these people are very unstable. Their paranoia and in some cases delusion, define who they are. And they are not going to give up that worldview easily.

Jonah Goldberg has a paranoia that I think is very common among New York Jews. I don't think he'd ever incite someone to violence. But if it happened, he'd convince a lot of influential people to say something like: "well it's for the best I guess". But I think Jamelle is clearly another story. If a whack job black man were to put a bullet in President elect Trump, I think he'd do a fist pump and end zone dance in private, even if he might not in public. And in a year or two he'd write about the 'man that saved America' praising the shooter.

There is no solution to this exactly. I don't think we should suppress their speech. But I hope someone out there is taking all the assassination threats seriously because with the media on total 'Trump is Hitler' mode, I don't see it ending any time soon.


Unknown said...

The Derb said in one of his recent podcasts that for some Jews it's always 1880 in Russia with the Cossacks at the door. I think their paranoia is misplaced, especially here in the USA, but I might feel differently if 6 million of my Scots-Irish ancestors had been killed because of who they were.

Stephen Paul Foster said...

The "abolish the electoral college" is another facet of the adolescent rage we now have to endure. Being a leftist is a state of permanent adolescence.