Tuesday, November 15, 2016

- Bring It Like A Boss

My brother is prepping for his own half of our little adventure in modern medicine. He's going to the gym, working on his strength, and doing his best to physically prepare for what he assumes will be a few of the most unpleasant weeks of his life, with a small chance of dying at the end. His dentist has been through this very thing (in the very same hospital) before so he's given him excessively graphic descriptions of what to expect. Even second hand, it doesn't sound pretty.

So this one is for him. Fro some reason he finds them hysterical. Me?...I don't know. But I do think it's important to remember that the guy behind the wheel come January is beholden to no one, is an Alpha male (even among other alpha males), and cares for no ones opinion but his own.

I've been a business executive. And... not unlike Trump, I've been occasionally been called arrogant. But that's not a bug, it's a feature. Being in charge of a large organization requires a clarity of vision and a self confidence that I don't think many of the people who haven't been there can appreciate. It's necessary to do things the way you see it. You can get input from experts on specifics of course, but management by consensus only leads to disaster. In the end it has to be you as the one who's making the choice and taking responsibility for the consequences.

In that regard, when Trump gets to the Whitehouse I think he will bring it like a boss.

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