Wednesday, November 9, 2016

- The Coming Trumpening

I’m waiting to hear the Hillary concession speech and watching the idiots on CNN. For the speech I’m hoping for a clearly deranged, angry and bitter Hillary that goes on and on about racism and misogyny and ends the whole mess with a coughing fit that causes her to fall when walking away from the podium. I think that’s what her supporters most deserve and most want.

But the aforementioned idiots all seem to think Trump’s lack of Government experience is a great weakness. Bullshit!

I’ve hired people from the government. Virtually none of them do well in the private sector. They are at best description, minimally competent. Trump will be hitting Washington, not the other way around. And the media drones have no idea what’s coming down the pipe at them.

No more “are you still beating your wife” nonsense. No more slanted questions and misrepresented quotes. The Trumpening wasn’t the election. The Trumpening is what happens when a private sector Executive hits the ground in Washington, with a friendly congress, and no apologies for anyone.

The red pill guys have a saying. Zero F***S Given. Meaning you need to always have an attitude of not giving a F***. That’s Trump. He owes no one. He will apologize to no one.

I’m hoping we’ll see a reckoning.


chess said...

Tom.. Quick thought on interest rates? I think getting the economy going. Some actual idiot on Yahoo said that its possible the world thinks the USA might default on its debt under Trump...Ill try to find it. It wont take much of a rise to start a lot of pain.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Hillary supporters keeping it classy... (yeah. I know.. Infowars link)

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


I am home on a conference call with my financial advisor. The consensus is that interest rates will move up, in particular the 10 year bond. Nothing catastrophic though.

It is also being pointed out that Trump's plan follows closely what the House Republican proposed earlier. So hopefully it will pass soon. To get the debt under control we first and foremost need growth. We haven't had real growth (3%+) for over a decade.

chess said...

Hell I agree. I dont own a bond. Decent amount of preferreds... I do worry that A LOT of folks are going to feel some pain even with some uptick in rates. It would be nice to get grandma and pa some higher cd yields.

MikeCLT said...

I imagine Fed will raise rates more willingly with a President Trump than Clinton.