Tuesday, November 15, 2016

- Ditching "Most" of National Review

Just when you thought National Review would never get it, they go and publish something from Victor Davis Hanson, and make their peridoic review worth your time.

With regard to the rest of the magazine, I sometimes wonder if there isn't a little more left in them than they like to admit. Specifically, I wonder if the outsized paranoia exhibited by Jewish Academics of the right, isn't anything more than a little psychological projection. This phenomenon as you know is an extremely common theme for the left. Maybe America's right leaning jews imagine that everyone hates them because they hate everyone else. I don't know.

Speaking as an Irish (Anglo-Norman) Catholic, American born Alt-Righter, I don't hate Jews. Never have. I don't have dreams of camps and ovens and I know no-one who does. I don't think that's me having a Pauline Kael moment. If you'll forgive a pun in obviously poor taste, I simply don't think that's on anyone's menu. I don't doubt that there are a few people who believe that getting rid of the jews, contrary to all evidence, would help America. I just don't think anyone, anywhere takes them seriously. Especially the alt-right.

The cultural differences between Jewish tradition and the western tradition don't seem like such a big deal to me. If you believe Jonathan Haidt in "The Righteous mind", then you can imagine that the Legalistic society of Jewish culture might have some conflict with the 'honor society' that the west has always fostered. But I don't see this as very important. In my mind it's a very small distinction, and if they are comfortable letting their wives bully them like that, then who am I to judge?

Even if America makes a small deviation to the mean on that legal-vs-honor system, it won't kill the jews, even if they think it will. If they continue to over-react to the few remaining truly anti-jewish alt-righters out there, I think it will only make them sound like the left - eternally envisioning the klan and the nazi's marching through the Arch in Washington Square park. So it's a comparison that will be difficult to avoid.

I'd imagine the Jews of the right would prefer not to meet the same fate as their emotional allies - sidelined, marginalized and irrelevant.

What's worse is, it genuinely doesn't have to be this way. The jewish right represents an enormously talented and persuasive bunch. There are great minds there, that could be incredibly useful in steering the country to a more rational place. If they would simply punch left instead of right, they would no doubt continue to be incredibly influential voices. But to do that they have to do what the left never seems to be able to - they need to conquer their own irrational fears.

I'm hoping this occurs to them and they manage it.

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MikeCLT said...

I agree. VDH gets a lot of things right and has all year.

It's rather humorous to watch the Never Trumpers giving Trump advice/directives on what he must do and who he must appoint to his cabinet. Especially concerning foreign policy. I am hoping Trump tells them all to go to hell.