Friday, November 4, 2016

- The Election As Seen On Campus

A quick election story from a conversation earlier with my bro. He and I were discussing the low black voter turnout and the shy Tory effect, and he brought up this story.

His eldest daughter, an attractive and intelligent girl, is attending a prominent eastern University, well known for it’s left leaning agenda. She will be voting in her first election this year, and although she laugh’s hysterically at the stuff in her ‘women’s studies’ class, she had still intended to vote for Hillary.

Daughter number 2, who will also be voting for the first time, was voting for Trump because according to her, Hillary has ‘crazy eyes’. But daughter number one isn’t as confrontational as her sister. She’s a sweet, relatively timid girl for whom social confrontation is something to be actively avoided. A vote for Hillary seemed to her to be the easiest way to avoid trouble.

But in the last few weeks, she seems to have changed her mind. The reason? Her boyfriend is in a frat, and the entire frat is very publicly (and vocally) voting for Trump. They aren’t being shy about it, and are putting the kind of mild social pressure that you would expect from college kids, on their peers to do the same.

She’s not quite in the Trump camp exactly. She doesn’t know anything about the issues, but she knows that Trump has said some boorish things, and Hillary is probably a crook. She also knows what her professors and the administrators want her to do and she knows it’s different than what her boyfriend and her primary social circle want her to do.

My bet… when it comes time she finds the latter more persuasive.

Also, I spend a great deal of time near Washington Square park, surrounded on all sides by NYU. I see Trump hats far more often than you might expect down there. At least a few every single day. About a block away, on 9th st just off Broadway, is the offices of the Huffington post. I was walking past there this morning and painted on the sidewalk out front was a picture of Hillary Clinton, and under it, the caption "Nasty Bitch".

I don't think that's a pro-Hillary statement.

Just a few report from the field. Thought you all might be interested.


chess said...

This is a huuuuuge unknown out there that a poll can't judge.

Madam President...Katy Perry says so.

chess said...

Tux goes to the dry cleaners today. Back on with the first dance with Madam President....