Saturday, November 12, 2016

- Feminism Is About Denial

I'm sitting in manhattan right now, listening to the helicopters flying overhead. The FAA declared manhattan a no fly zone as soon as Trump became the President elect, so you know that those helicopters are either Police or military. No one else can be up there.

The reason they're up there is that they're monitoring the "protests" that have been ongoing since the election. But it isn't the race baiters that have been protesting, it's the Feminists.

Women are irrational compared to men. But feminists are irrational compared to everyone. All the most hyperbolic responses to Trump's election have been Feminists. They cry, they wail, they accuse we voters of 'hate crimes'. Nothing could motivate that kind of psychosis, except for Feminism.

As you may recall, Feminism is about sex. It's about making sex as risk and cost free for women, as it has always been for men. It's about empowering female promiscuity as a tool for getting access to the most desireable men. It's about letting women be the only arbiters of who matches up with who, and the morality of what behavior between the sexes is right and just.

Trump's election represents a return to traditional masculinity. that's what all the girls are protesting. And I can't help but laugh at them for it. They've always been in denial about the true nature of men and women. Now they have a specific target for all their fear and hate. this is what a failing movement looks like.

We men should look at them, and simply laugh. 20,000 crying girls do not get to over rule 50 million voters. If you think they should, you're in denial about a little bit more than we thought.

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