Thursday, November 10, 2016

- The Inevitable Leftist Tantrum

I guess this leftist reaction, the riots, the shootings, the beatings, the vandalism and intimidation, was really all to be expected. when your worldview is built around you being absolutely flawlessly right about everything and your opponents absolutely perfectly wrong, it can be tough to discover that 50% of the country disagrees with you.

I love the irony that's present in the thousands of people holding 'love trumps hate' signs while screaming hateful messages at the top of their lungs at the president elect. the other good one was the college professor that claimed that people will now have to die. She wasn't volunteering to do so herself or stating her commitment as such. she was speaking more in the abstract - someone 'else' will have to die. Why exactly? That's always a little unclear when talking to leftists.

They don't know why they feel the way they do exactly, but they know how intensely they feel it. They feel pain, anger, resentment, rage, fear, and terror. All the sentiments of any 13 year old. We of course in the rest of the world, are supposed to see their pain and react to it by letting them be in charge. But I wouldn't put a 13 year old in charge of picking out what to wear let along a nation.

There is an important lesson in all this for us though. That lesson is that if a person's decision making processes are broken, as they are for virtually all liberals, there really isn't any fixing them. You cannot reason with a person who is completely irrational.

My daughter is 16 now and has taken a passing interest in this past election. Like me, she didn't like either candidate in particular, but she believes in Feminism and would have held her nose for Hillary if she could. That's why we don't let 16 year old vote. I'm confident she'll grow out of it.

But the thing I told her is that however bad a president Trump may turn out to be, we will all survive it. We have had bad presidents before. Many think Obama was a very bad president, and those that don't think George W. Bush was bad. In the lens of History Jimmy Carter is seen as an awful president. But America survived them all. Whatever Trump does, we'll survive him too.

Politics is (and should be) a very small part of our lives. and if someone is so worked up about it that they run out and vandalize monuments, beat men in the street, or some of the other things leftists are doing now, then they have their priorities out of whack. If they need identity politics so badly, it only means that they lack the things it takes to get by in the world, except the right identity. That's no way to run a country.

The shock of the election is still rattling around the brains of everyone, left and right. But this too shall pass. When it does, I'm hoping we reduce government control, lower taxes, and reform the justice department. I hope we get back to a world where government becomes a smaller part of our lives. It may go that way, it may not. But those are the best odds that were available to us, and given what a Clinton Whitehouse would have been like, we're lucky to have them.

In the meantime, someone has to be the grownups. That's us. We need to sober up, and start thinking of ways to instruct President Trump in the things he doesn't yet know about economics, foreign policy, and law. There are many great minds on the right, and hopefully they will offer the President their advice and support. That's what we should be thinking about now.

In the meantime, let the children have their tantrum. When they get tired they'll go take a nap.


chess said...

Tom... Sorry but your daughter might grow out of something but it will be a fight for the next 6 years since she will be taught by someone who is undoubtedly a liberal teacher. Most succumb
MY father was one click away from being a paranoid schizophrenic. He was in the pacific part of WW2. He used to tell me that it could rain for days at a time and when it got dark every EVERY night the land crabs came out.Gazillions and they would fall into your fox hole and some guys just freaked out and would run and get killed for a freakin land crab. I cant imagine that.
I had my ping pong ball held the last yr they did that for Vietnam. To this day I am not sure I would Have went..

The left wont give up and will eventually overwhelm the right.You got college professors enabling this shit by calling off classes because kids are too stressed out. As Muzz would say .Pathetic.

chess said...

SO while I am ranting about how over the last 3 generations on a straight path to worthlessness let me say another pos line down for our society.
Martha Stewart got prison time for something that now doesnt even go to court.The bitch at Yahoo ,whom i have despised since day one, has held onto the hack at Yahoo for 2 years. @ years that all mof the peoples ID'S might have been out there..She didnt do shit.If Yahoo didnt have the baba it would be a pinksheet stock. Yet she will walk with a package >250 mil for her time and not prison where she should be going. Debbie WS should also be in prison.But no. That sends a signal that just says do want you want to. Poor Dennis Koz cant wrap his head around this and neither can I.