Thursday, November 10, 2016

- Isaac Chotiner: The Perfect Imbecile

If there were an award for delusionally high self regard, it would go to Isaac Chotiner over at Slate. His piece about what American Journalism has done wrong with it's coverage of Donald Trump is precisely the wrong lesson:

The press has been no better on this score, covering the Republican Party of recent years as if it were a normal political party in a Western democracy. It isn’t and hasn’t been for a long time. But the media had become so accustomed to the ideals of balance and parity in coverage of the two American parties that it continued covering the GOP as if it hadn’t descended into quackery and madness. Trump’s takeover of the party thus came as a shock when it might well have been contextualized earlier on, if not predicted.

So although the current President elect of the country advocates a view supported by something like 50% of it's people, this is all just madness and lunacy. Got it.

What arrogance. What a spectacular intellectual failure. Liberalism really must be a kind of mental illness because no sane rational person could look at what's happened to the Journalism industry this election cycle and come to the conclusion that they need to be even more biased and one sided in their presentation of events.

The press tried to shove the standard liberal narrative down the throats of a country that has now said with their votes, that they have no interest in it. And this delusional bozo honestly believes it's because they weren't biased enough.

You can see why I think so little of journalists. If conservatives were half as violent as the liberal left, there would be one swinging from every lamp-post on the upper west side.

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VV said...

Ha, when growth is not showing up after Obama's stimulus, Paul Krugman came out and said, Obama is just not spending enough.

It is par for the course, in liberal thinking.