Tuesday, November 29, 2016

- It's Raining In NYC

Rain in NYC will reliably drive the local Manhattan population into the subways for their commute. So in the Trumptastic new post feminist world, this is provides an opportunity to update one to one of the most recently invented acts of micro-sexism.

Manspreading: When a man spreads his knees so wide that he takes up more than a single seat on mass transit.

Womanspreading: When a woman let's her ass get so big that she no longer fits into a single seat on mass transit.

Take a wild guess which one I saw more of this morning on the uptown 6 train.

My bet is that you'll have better luck asking a guy to move his knee than you will asking a woman to lose some weight, but I'd strongly recommend you try both and videotape the reactions. I promise to post the results here for the next time some Feminist goes off on a rant about the rudeness of men.


VV said...

I like the fashionable guy that does a reverse-man-spread in your manspreading example. Why can't all men just fall in line like that?

Peter MacFarlane said...

Videotape the results? Videotape?


Tom said...

Yes, I'm old. I have to deal with it, and now so do you.

(funny thing though, I had to do a pretty intense review of my physical condition and health history in order to donate bone marrow this weekend and that's allowed me to take stock. Most of my friends are in at least the early stages of one of the negative effects of age. Blood pressure issues, heart issues, thyroid issues, weight issues, vision issues, gall bladder and kidney stones, circulatory problems, hair loss, hemorrhoids, skin conditions, blood sugar problems, recurring lyme disease, gout, and erectile dysfunction. I've got none of those problems or anything else. Apart from a recurring back problem stemming from being run over by a drunken waitress in 1981, there isn't a single thing in the world wrong with me. And even my back affects me very rarely. For my age I'm the healthiest and fittest man I know. So if the only sign of my age is an occasional antique phrase slips out of my increasingly elderly mouth, I'm calling it a win.)