Sunday, November 13, 2016

- Let The Protests Continue Forever

I’ve changed my mind. Upon reflection, I’m now hoping that the nightly protests in our hyper-liberal cities continue forever. Whenever I see one I’ll be yelling “You go girl! I want to hear about your rage and fear.” I want them to tell everyone that they don’t accept the democratically elected leader of the US. I want them to scream, and wail, and cry and burn their underwear.

Because as long as they do, Americans will never take them seriously. And why should they? They have never really had anything serious to say. For them it’s all false rape allegations, phony hate crimes, and imaginary pogroms. They live in a fantasy world and it’s intersection with reality that they’re protesting.

Bot don’t let that stop you sister. Tell me about how you fear for all the innocent black men out there who are soon to be killed by bands of roving white thugs. Tell me how you fear for your vagina, and your ability to legally kill children you didn’t plan for. Tell me about all those poor illegal immigrants who will no longer be able to vote, work and collect social services like the other 6 billion ‘world citizens’ who are obviously entitled to it.

I want to hear about it all. Every nightmare, every triggering, every visit to your therapist. Reality has come calling for you sugar, and how can anyone be expected to cope with something like that!

And while she’s busy crying and wailing, let me tell the rest of you something. Not only did the Democrats lose the presidency, the Senate and the house, they also lost all but 13 of the state legislatures. If they had lost 1 more, they would no longer be able to prevent Republicans from implementing the constitutional amendments of their choice.

We could repeal the commerce clause. We could end the income tax. We could do anything we want to without fear of opposition. We would only have to agree among ourselves. You have to appreciate how big that is. No one is suggesting this but it illustrates the point pretty well. Had the Democrats lost one more state legislature, in theory we could take away a woman’s right to vote. Now wouldn’t that be an entertaining protest to watch?

For something like that I’d be happy to be kept awake by a few low level helicopter passes.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Repeal the 19th Amendment? Oh one can dream! If that happened, the only Leftists elected to the Senate would come from VT, MA, and RI.

Stephen Paul Foster said...

The antics of these protestors remind me of the trained seals that Fidel and Raul over the years bring out on the streets to scream, holler and most importantly intimidate any of their fellow residents insufficiently enthused about a life of enforced impoverished "equality".