Tuesday, November 15, 2016

- Letting Reality Seep In

Maybe it's the Catholic in me, but I do believe that no-one who chooses to repent is really beyond redemption.

This video is a long one, so it might be good for the bus or train ride. I think it's worth it. It's Morning Joe assessing the media screw up of the election coverage, and the New York Times' persistent bias. In my mind morning Joe occupies the space between Slate (which I read for the laughs) and Vdare (which I read for the facts). It's liberal of course. And cosmopolitan. but they don't utterly ignore ALL of reality.

Because it's so long, I'll give you my comments first.

I don't think the New York Times, or NBC or any of the other REALLY big media losers in this election will change their spots. (cough... Megyn Kelly... cough) They created the narrative and will defend it to the last man. But it's possible that we might get just a bit more fairness around the edges of the media.

My hope is that the culture of the media changes somewhat. If you worked at a major media outlet a month ago and told people around the water cooler that you supported Donald Trump, you'd be waiting tables today. You'd have been quietly walked to the door with your fuzzy desk gnome and your student journalism awards piled into a box.

But tomorrow, it might be possible for some of the clearer thinking kids coming up to admit that they don't think that white men ruined the world, a return to slavery is right around the corner, or that everything equals Hitler, and still have a job in media. There will be arguments sure - but they might not be career ending.

Right now, about 40% of Manhattan thinks they live in a nation which is host to 50 million Hitlers. They're wrong of course. But there is no convincing them of that because they are too lazy to think about it. Those people, there is no fixing. But that other 60% might have their minds changed if we just quit being polite about it and keeping our mouths shut. Morning Joe looks to me like the media equivalent of that 40%. They're mostly wrong at first, but if you slap them in the face with reality, they don't just double down on the delusion.

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