Monday, November 14, 2016

- Make Bone Marrow Great Again

I have another day of pokings and proddings at the hospital today in order to finalize my suitability as a donor, so I might not be around much. But I wanted to leave a personal note.

The last decade has been very hard on me personally, and even harder on my family. But I approach things today with a genuinely renewed hope. Am I hoping to put blacks and women "back in their place"? No. All I'm hoping for is a return to objective standards of excellence. I'm hoping that I and the next generation of my family will be judged by a single standard, and to not be vilified for the things they may be better at than some others, simply because they're not 'diverse' enough.

I've been called a racist and misogynist of course, and I've suffered some of the same low growth consequences of the 'rule by delusion' policies of the last administration. But apart from that, I don't think I've personally been affected by the descent into subjective reasoning that has come to look more than anything else like a mass delusion of the Obama years. I've always worked in industries that value results above all else, and that has insulated me to a great extent.

But I've been deeply worried for my daughter, and my nieces and nephew - all of whom will be entering the workforce during the Trump administration. They deserve a clear and rational view of themselves, and their future. They deserve to feel that same sense of personal empowerment that I and my brother and sister did when we were in the same place in our lives. They shouldn't have to feel like objects - utterly without personal agency - like the philosophy of the left demands of them.

With this last election, we have stepped back an inch or two from the brink. Now we need to follow through on applying a single standard again. We shouldn't be vindictive. We shouldn't do to the liberals what they would have no doubt done to us had they won. We should be the grownups in the room. But that doesn't mean we compromise with them either.

The key here is to implement policies which are fair in an objective sense, and in the interests of American citizens. If they have disparate impact, that's on the individuals, not the policy. So long as policy is based on an objective definition of 'fairness' then the Democrats wailing will continue to seem ridiculous to most Americans. And that's as it should be.

Anyway, I'm off to be poked and prodded. Today I only worry about making bone marrow great again. America can wait till tomorrow.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Disparate impact is probably the most toxic legal concept ever to come out of SCOTUS. It was also encoded into federal law under the administration of George W. Bush.

If you apply the same standards equally to everyone, you are guilty of "discrimination" if a protected group does poorly compared to Whites and Asians. As a bank, landlord, employer, etc.. to avoid being prosecuted, you have to lower standards or reject more qualified Whites and Asians.

The Left loves disparate impact, considering Griggs vs. Duke Power to be one of the greatest decisions to come out of the Supreme Court. The Left want equal outcomes, not equal opportunity... even if it means everyone is equally miserable.

Bzod said...

Be well Tom, and good luck, to both you and your brother.