Wednesday, November 23, 2016

- Minorities Flock To Gun Stores

From NBC "News":

Michael Cargill, the owner of Central Texas Gun Works in Austin, told NBC News he had given up on advertising to African-Americans — but now he's seeing as many as 20 a month, and they're filling up his training classes; along with Muslim, Hispanic, and LGBT patrons with heightened worries about being targeted.

Black gun owner groups are seeing an uptick too, led by African-American women. They report receiving an increased number of emails from across the country from concerned minorities looking to learn more about gun safety, training, and firearm access.

While my position on black gun ownership is very well recorded here (I'm strongly in favor of it), the rest of this article is straight from the coloring book section of the NBC safe space. Ben Popkin the author apparently cares nothing for his credibility, and the article itself is little more than innuendo, supposition, and inference designed to make Trump look like the worst most racist, racisty racist, since racism was invented.

NBC "News". Come for the "newsiness", stay for the laughs.

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TheRob625 said...


So you're in favor of black gun ownership. But what about the ownership of stainless steel guns and blued guns? Sorry, I couldn't resist. :-)

From the point of view of the left, one of the problems with the gun lobby, of which I am a staunch supporter, is that it has tended to be too male and pale. (And I write that as a white man.) If African-Americans are becoming more pro-gun, that makes it so much harder for them to attack us. "What? You want to deny African-Americans the means to defend themselves, against all those racist bigots who have supposedly been emboldened by Trump's victory."

Indeed, I'm rather surprised that gun rights organizations have not pointed out that gun-control is, and often has been, racially motivated. Some of America's first gun-control laws were passed in the ante-bellum South, out of a concern about slaves getting hold of guns and rebelling.

And if we can get the LGBT community on board, that's even better. There's a group called The Pink Pistols which (used to?) have the slogan "Armed gays don't get bashed." Unsurprisingly, they received quite a lot of interest in the wake of the Orlando massacre, earlier this year. Mainstream gun rights groups would do well to reach out to them.