Wednesday, November 9, 2016

- Morning Wood In America


The Photo above is dedicated to Paul Krugman, by my check the very first of the liberal propagandists to realize and admit publicly that he lives in a country that he doesn’t understand at all. For most of the media, America has very much become “A Nation of Hitlers” and I expect their teeth gnashing to commence as soon as they’re over the shock.

When I found out at 2:45 this morning that Donald Trump had won, the very first thing I did was roll over and commence sexual relations with a beautiful young girl. Given the talk this election, particularly Trump’s much criticized salty comments to Billy Bush, it seemed the perfect way to celebrate. Yes friends, the very first thing I did when I heard the news was “grab em by the pussy.”

Later over coffee, I jokingly warned her to walk along 8th street to get to the uptown subway because the Huffington post HQ is on 9th st, and there may be bodies falling from the windows. Without a pause, she said that there is a construction awning on the building, so the sidewalk should be OK. That was my first big laugh in a post-Obama world.

And there is much cause for laughter. My lament to that same girl last night when I thought we’d be waking to Hillary Clinton’s world, was that the problem with the election isn’t the candidates, it’s us. “We are the problem.” I said. “The candidates are a reflection of what we want, but what we want is the dead wrong thing.” I hope you guys can forgive me for my lapse of faith.

As it turns out, America isn’t happy about the things that Obama has wrought, and now that Republicans have the Whitehouse, the Senate, the House, and the future Supreme court, there is nothing standing in their way. Obamacare is as good as gone, and Concealed Carry Reciprocity is as good as in. Other things will be trickier, but those two are certain I think.

We have a President elect with an appropriately contentious and disparaging relationship with the media already. So I truly believe that the days when the Republicans have to bow down to the priests of political correctness at the NYTimes and TV networks is over. Let all the media heads explode over that one, and I’ll do nothing but cheer. Hopefully it even emboldens some members of the congress. That’s something short of my preferred solution (chain the doors of the NYTimes building shut with everyone inside and burn the place to the ground) but It’s a good start.

If there is a single mandate here, it’s an anti-media mandate, and based on the looks on the faces of the folks at CNN this morning, they all know it. My friend Jose called me several times last night giggling over the horrified reactions of the liberal journalists to Trump’s increasing numbers. At this moment they’re still trying to figure out how they can spin the whole thing as the majority being wrong about what the majority wants, but I expect that will change the next time someone at a press conference get’s their credentials suspended. The spin is over assholes, you better start telling the truth.

My last job, much like President Trumps next job, was at a turnaround effort. Mine was funded by a private equity company, and his, the American people. But the process is the same. First, figure out how bad things really are. Next, clean house. Some people are a part of the problem and they go first. Former NY City Mayor Rudy Giuliani as the Attorney General is downright exciting. Next, start implementing your plans toward your new goals, but in the process, try to change the culture of the people you have executing the plan.

Trump has the right high level ideas for the country, and a good ‘private sector’ process for decision making. But changing a culture is no easy task. I would hope that the unemployment rate in Washington skyrockets next year, and all the mid-level professional porn surfers are tossed on the ash heap. But honestly, I’m probably getting ahead of myself.

For today I don’t want to do anything except bask in the failure of subjective definition. Racism, it turns out, does not mean “white”, misogyny does not mean “Male”, and all the other BS the girls wanted, is all being seen as the BS it actually is. That alone is enough to put me in a good mood.

I’m meeting a few friends for drinks later. I’m gonna wear my MAGA hat, and loudly propose that we all start grabbing America, one pussy at a time. At least it isn’t racist to say so anymore.


For those of you who want to gloat a little, I can't recommend Slate's post election coverage enough. It's got everything. Black liberal writers imagining future lynchings, ugly lesbian Feminists unable to leave the therapist's couch - the whole shebang. It's a real giggle fest.


Tom said...

I'd also like to offer a public congratulations to Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire, and Peter Brimelow, whose ideas have clearly shifted back inside the American overton window. Good on ya fellas. Give em hell.

VV said...

Media's information suppression is clearly evident. NYTimes put Trump at north of 80% very early last evening. They knew. They were just manipulating it, but they knew before everybody else.

The basket of deplorables definition has changed overnight. And HuffPo knows that they are in it with their friends at Times and CNN.

Only people I felt bad for, are the ones that waited for 8 hours to cheer Hillary to be the first female president in history. They were crying and Hillary did not even extend them the courtesy of a simple "thank you". She sent Podesta to get them out of there. Leadership?

Tom said...

You have always had a big compassionate streak VV, and I commend you for it. But given her constituency, I don't think they deserved to expect any better from her. She has always held 'the people' in contempt, and now her supporters know how the rest of us feel. Hopefully Giuliani will prosecute her and Bill. It's what they deserve.

As for the data analysis, I'm not convinced they skewed it knowingly. For instance, I noticed early on that one of the counties that in Florida that Hillary had invested heavily in a Get Out The Vote effort, had gone very strongly for Trump. That means that she and her people had spent a good chunk of time driving Trump voters to the polls. That's not skewing the data, that's an ERROR. A catastrophic one, it turns out.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I left my local bar about 1:00 AM, after seeing the remaining precincts to be counted in PA were solidly red. The owner and a few patrons there had money riding on the election outcome. One guy originally from Chile had bet on Hillary (not out of love for her.. but to make money). He stated this is the happiest he has ever been after losing a bet.

When I left, it was not a question of victory, but my how much (would MI and NH also join WI and PA in going for Trump).

It was a good sign when around midnight reports that women were shuffling out of the Javits Center in tears... delicious tears...

chess said...

She was my "girl".There goes my inaugural invite. No first dance.I wonder what Ivanka is doing that night?? Maybe this is it

MikeCLT said...

A great win. A major shout out to Sailer, Derb and the VDare crowd.

I cannot wait for Trump to treat the media with the contempt they deserve. This may be his biggest contribution: Refusing to let them set the agenda. I hope some other members of the GOP take note of this.

TheRob625 said...

Upon learning of The Trumpening, I ate a live puppy to celebrate. I mean, it's what we right-wingers do, isn't it?