Tuesday, November 22, 2016

- The New Incremental Liberty

I’m starting to see this a bit more clearly I think. Racism is the new ‘communism’ for the left to play defense against.

When Obama was elected, a portion of the right leaning base was totally convinced that though he may never have attended a meeting, and certainly would never admit it, he was a communist. Now the a portion of the left, looks at President elect Trump, and although he’s never attended a meeting, and would certainly never admit it, he’s a racist.

Whether Trump follows through on what he says is still a question, but assuming he does, by the respective standards of right and left, both are probably true.

By the standard of judging a man by the content of his character that the right embraces, everything Obama has ever done supported a general philosophy of Communism – albeit a new kind of communism where the actual ownership of the means of production is left in private hands with the technocrats in government so drowning them in regulation that it’s they not he, who actually control it.

By the standard of judging people by their willingness to ‘check their identity privilege’, Trump is certainly a racist, even though he may never had a single racist thought in his life. In fact, ‘who a racist is’ seems to have morphed sufficiently in recent years to specifically include any white heterosexual man who hasn’t. By the left's standards, that's all it takes.

This opens an interesting cultural door I think. The door to incremental liberty. For 100 years the left has been whittling away at the liberty of the average American, bit by microscopic bit, with the right putting up token resistance that only ever had the effect of slowing down the speed at which the left was winning.

Now, with a truly independent leader, who is beholden to absolutely no one but the people who elected him, who see’s the media for what they are and treats them accordingly, we may actually have an effective offset to that. A 'Trumpist' philosophy of the elimination of regulation wherever and whenever possible, may put the left on defensive, and only slowing the growth of liberty.

The left hasn’t figured out yet that this is what multiculturalism really looks like. They thought they could show up with their coalition of the fringes and simply take the civilization that they had only a minimal part in building. They could show up like thieves in the night, slipping across the border then trudging in from the desert, and declare the culture, the infrastructure, and all the past achievement their own.

Well the actual builders are a part of that culture too. And it looks like they’re finally going to get their say.

The entertainment value of this idea for someone like me is right off the charts. I can’t wait, for instance, for that moment when Chuck Schumer or Elizabeth Warren points up at Trump tower and tries to tell Trump “You didn’t build that!” I can only imagine the response.


MikeCLT said...

"who see’s the media for what they are and treats them accordingly..."

This is going to drive them crazy and will offer Trump's supporters endless entertainment and pleasure.

The media doesn't realize it but their highly partisan performance, especially in this election but really for the past 20 years, has lost them any authority they might have had and think they still have.

Trump went out of his way to answer press questions during the campaign. He alone gave press conferences following the debates. I am not sure he will be so forthcoming as president unless he thinks it suits him. Good on him.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


I expect Trump will largely bypass the MSM and reach the people directly via social media. CNN and the rest of their ilk will have no access, no respect, and no legitimacy.

VV said...

I called my cable company and asked them to remove MSNBC/CNN. Answer - It is part of a package, they cannot remove individual channels. Removed the whole package. We need to make sure that there are consequences to their behavior.