Saturday, November 19, 2016

- No... Screw YOUR Feelings Aleksandar Hemon

This piece from Slate should win some kind for award for it's breathtaking lack of self reflection. In a piece hysterically titled "Screw Your Feelings", Aleksander Hemon applies his purely subjective view of Trump as an "Unabashed Racist" and projects it hither and yon to invalidate the 'feelings' of 50 million Trump Voters:

But the only ethics that matter are act-based ethics—it’s what you do that matters, not what you feel. After all, the legal system in this country, as yet based in reason and belief in the rationality of law, is contingent upon the ethical value of the act. And an act is a fact—what you do is what is. The Trump voters committed an act of voting for an unabashed racist, whose hate speech is an act and a fact in public space.

Hey moron, Donald Trump has never been charged under a 'Hate Speech' regulation. To date, believing he is guilty of 'Hate Speech' is a purely subjective view (based on absolutely nothing more than your individual feelings), and is not an act and a fact. By your own admission, your 'feelings' on the matter are irrelevant, it's only your acts that count.

So I guess you didn't become an unethical and myopic imbecile until you committed the act of publishing such a laughable attempt at moralism. But based on its blatant inconsistencies, I'll bet you were an imbecile long before that.

(These days the folks at Slate are sounding an awful lot like the liberal version of those "Hitler in the bunker" videos that people have been spoofing for years. Give it up girls. Racist and Misogynist no longer have the bite they used to. Because "When everyone is a racist... suddenly no one is.)

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