Wednesday, November 23, 2016

- Nothing To See, Move Along...

From the DailyNews:

Cops busted a Queens man for trying to push a straphanger onto the subway tracks in Harlem and yelling, “I hate white people!”

I know this is a tired old game, but can you imagine the media reaction to a white man from say, Brooklyn, pushing a black man onto the tracks and screaming "I hate Black people!". In fact, can you imagine what would happen if he walked into a public park and screamed it without so much as shoving anyone?

There would be a code blue, all hands on deck media scurry to find anything and everything the guy had ever done that had anything to do with Republican politics, or any of the hated groups of the right like say... the NRA. And if he so much as voted for Reagan, Reagan would be posthumously slammed as an obvious racist, because this guy once voted for him.

I'm telling ya, in a just world there would be a journalist swinging from every lamp-post on the upper west side. I don't hate all black people, but I absolutely hate all journalists.

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