Wednesday, November 23, 2016

- The Rise of the Super-Villain

Here is King Douche, Mark Zuckerberg. Why should I hide my disdain for this mutant? After all, he not only wanted to saturate the US with cheap foreign labor through open borders, but he is a pro-censorship mongrel. 
People feared George Soros or the Koch Brothers. The real danger is when you get a megalomaniac like Zuck who will undoubtedly do his very best to be a bigger douche than either Soros or Koch Bros.
Zuck wants to censor "Fake News" which is hyper-liberal code for "any news that challenges any of his pet positions." 
The new liberals are far more scary than the old proto liberals. Soros dumps money into pet causes based on the human wave theory. If you employ enough epsilons to do your bidding, you can certainly tip some scales. 
Zuck is a pro-censorship elitist schmuck. Rather than paying for pawns, he goes right to the top of the chess-board. So much so that he is in China promoting his new Orwellian version of Facebook or in the vain of Ira Levin's "This Perfect Day" we can all say "Thank Uni!" He should rename Facebook to what it truly is: Two-FaceBook.
I have deleted Facebook from my smart phone and other devices. If anyone sends me a Facebook link, I gladly decline and ask them if they feel comfortable opening their personal diary to "the Zuck"? 
Most people find Facebook and other social media platforms to be innocuous and pretend there is some sort of "convenience" to "sharing" incredible amounts of data to random strangers as well as the nefarious operatives that inhabit the digital underworld.  
With the recent Twitter Purge of the Alt-Right (as well as some not so Alt-Right), we see the lengths of desperation of the cyber-sore-losers. Zuck isn't a sore-loser, but he's destined to be the most powerful billionaire the world has ever known. Unfortunately, he won't be like mythical rich guys using their wealth for good, nope. This "kid" is drunk with power and surrounded by sycophants that tell him he can do no wrong. He has made himself into a demi-god within his corporate confines, but he still hasn't gotten a seat at the "cool-kids' table". Zuck doesn't need to pal around with jocks and cheerleaders or rock stars or movie stars. Zuck knows that he can buy the cafeteria in which the cool kids' table resides. He has his sights set on a bigger dance than being the darling of the US Liberal Political Prom.
Gleefully working with oppressive nations and promoting tools that enable oppression Zuck is on a path  of villainy that could only be equaled in the Marvel Universe.
Most Mythical Villains became that way by accident or by twist of fate. Usually the tech-villain invents something for the good of mankind and it backfires. Not Zuck. He is purposely developing technology to limit freedom and to expand the control of an oppressive regime. It would be very difficult for anyone on the right side of history to applaud these efforts. This is akin to constructing remote gulags to facilitate Stalin's reign of terror. 
Look at the reason why Facebook became popular. I recall Facebook when it was a college thing. Zuck invented it to help his friends stalk coeds. Even in that farcical film about him, in the end he is stalking some chick on Facebook. We'd have college interns working on our trading desk and they would show us their Facebook pages. There would be photos of college coeds and soon it became a new Wall Street toy. Traders would get the logins from their interns and try to score chicks for the kid in advance of the weekend. It was fantasy football with an open season. It's probably the reason why Facebook became so popular. It became creepy rather quick. Suddenly, the college kids' parents and uncles were on Facebook. Real friends of mine were telling me about "old-flames" looking for a hook-up on Facebook. We used to joke that Facebook should be called "Homewrecker". With half the population of the world online, the future bodes well for Facebook. But I don't see any good coming from it.
Mark my words, if Facebook doesn't go the way of Myspace, this creep will be freedom's worst nightmare. It won't stop with Red China. I believe one day we will read about Zuck meddling in an international affair at a specific boiling point and tipping the balance in favor of the bad-guys. That's what villains do.
Speaking of nightmares, he does resemble HP Lovecraft. Maybe he is Wilbur Whatley.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Let us not forget Facebook and the German government efforts to purge "wrong thinking" from the net... Also known as "ex STASI agents get new jobs".

TheRob625 said...


I pretty much agree with your comments about Mark Zuckerberg. But, in the words of the Omar Khyam, "This too, shall pass."

As someone with a background in business, you must realize that monopolies, and oligopolies, do not last forever. In the 1950s and 60s, General Motors was lord of all it surveyed; look at it now. And who remembers US Steel? In high-tech, market dominance is even more ephemeral, for a couple of reasons.

The first is that the market evolves so fast that existing players find it hard to keep up. The market zigs, while the dominant player zags - and suddenly it's no longer the dominant player. This is the fate that befell many mainframe computer coompanies in the 1980s, when they did not take the rise of the PC seriously. More recently, Motorola and Nokia (remember them?) lost their dominance of the cellphone market, because they failed to anticipate smartphones.

The other is that alternatives are easy to set up and use. In the Industrial Age, if the local robber baron owned and operated the only railroad in to, and out of, your town and you wanted to travel, you had no choice but to use it, thus helping to enrich him even further. By contrast, on the web, alternatives are only a mouse-click away.

You mention MySpace, which has now been eclipsed by FaceBook. Perhaps Facebook will go the same way. Someone has set up Gab, an alternative where, supposedly, nothing is censored. (I've not yet visited it.)

Facebook's censorship is now out in the open, while people know they're being lied to by the mainstream media. Following the election of Donald Trump, I've heard mainstream media people admit they've got a serious credibility problem. That people elected The Donald, in spite of everything they were told, makes me cautiously optimistic about the future. Like I said, I mostly agree with your comments about Mark Z, but I regard his chances of becoming Supreme Ruler of All The Earth as slim indeed.