Wednesday, November 16, 2016

- Steve Bannon: "Suck My Balls Liberals!"

I'm with Ann Coulter on the appropriate reaction to all the media whores calling Steve Bannon a racist and anti-semite. The right reaction is not to apologize. If the last decade has taught us anything, it's that you never EVER apologize for offending a liberal. It will only be taken as a tacit admission of guilt, and you apology will be codified into the liberal mythology as fact.

The right response is to say (in as emotionally clear and confrontational terms as possible) "Go Fuck Yourself Liberals! Am I a racist? Fuck yes I'm a get down on your knees and suck by enormous balls!"

You cannot reason with someone who has abandoned all reason. And in post Obama America, nothing is a greater example of irrationality and the utter abandonment of reason, than an accusation of racism. It's an emotional argument that requires an emotional response. It's what liberals are really after anyway. Like a petulant and irrational woman, they want to be certain that we are emotionally engaged. Once they get that, they'll snap out of it.

What's a racist anyway? What do you have to do to be a racist? How do you qualify for racism? Where do you get your klan hood, swastika and jack boots? Because I don't know a soul who has any of them. But you'd never learn that from the media. To them the Klan, the Nazis, the Cossaks, the PLO, the skinheads, the Hitler youth, the young republicans, and the mormons, are all the same thing. They all defend the evil white patriarchy. They all defend tradition and meritocracy. (And those things to them are clearly racist too.)

This argument will not be won by being reasonable and rational. We cannot calmly and cooly coerce liberal America into looking at the facts. Ignoring facts they don't like is their one outlier skill. What we need to do is slap them in the face, and thrown their fatuous accusations right back at them. Only then will they begin to listen to reason.

Trump understand this. It's why he never apologizes. He knows in his bones that we must deny irrational liberals the ability to define the morality of the discussion. They're not thinking, they're feeling. And until we change how they feel, there can be know way to make them take this issue seriously.

This is all the hysterical liberal media deserves from us:

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