Thursday, November 3, 2016

- Trump's Dishonesty

Trump once said "Maybe we should ask the Russians if they have Hillary's 33,000 missing emails." The next day read the liberal mythology machine had been cranked into full gear and the headlines read: "Trump asks Russians to hack Clinton email". Trump then denied saying that on Twitter, and the Democrat 'fact checkers' and media all called him a liar for it.

Did Trump rely lie? Did he really mean to ask the Russians to hack Clinton's email? I think the obvious answer is no. This is a liberal political feint that has been going on my whole life where words are taken out of context, reduced to a headline, and the headline is then repeated as if it were fact.

Liberals have been doing this to conservatives forever, and it's always worked because the media had enough credibility to make it work. How many people out there think Sarah Palin actually said that she can see Russia from her house? She never did. That was something that was said by an actress pretending to be her on Saturday night live. Yet it became a part of the lexicon of the McCain candidacy, and contributed substantially to his loss.

The thing Trump does that few Conservatives actually do, is that he doesn't let them get away with it. He's not afraid of a bunch of journalists. He doesn't see them as necessary to his efforts. In the end he may be wrong about that, but I'm hoping other politicians take a lesson from it.

This was and has always been a campaign to dethrone the liberal media and their desire to be the only people who decide who gets elected. The fourth estate has shown itself to be utterly shameless in its efforts to promote their ideology and their worldview. Trump won't have it. And when the American people here the liberal media distorting what he says and read his denials, a great many of them are taking his side.

When the Alt-Right talks about pushing back on the cultural issues, this is what we mean. Calling out the media for their distortions, and not letting them set the frame of the discussion. There are two sides, and we've only been hearing one. Trump is the first candidate, certainly since Reagan, who has pushed back on them.

Even if he loses, I for one will be grateful for that.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...


You might appreciate this CNN Trump supporter interview that didn't go 'as planned'.

Stephen Paul Foster said...

We know that Hillary's dishonesty is monumental. To understand her, let's turn to psychiatry.