Sunday, November 20, 2016

- Tucker Carlson Joins The Culture War

This is an example of Tucker Carlson doing to a liberal journalist, the very thing that liberal journalists typically do (or at least used to do) to politicians on the right. This piece of video should be shown in every journalism school in the country.

While I have policy disagreements here and there which Carlson, I have always believed that he was smarter than the average bear. I think this video further demonstrates that, and shows an actual journalist empowered by the Trump movement to finally (FINALLY!) challenge a journalist on their overt bias. and in the process he has proven himself to be one the exceptionally few journalists of the opinion right, who is willing to join the culture war.

You can't imagine how good this makes me feel. For me, this is almost as good as the Trump win, and would fully be except for the fact that without Trump shattering that barrier, I don't think Carlson and Fox News would have had the never to go after this guy. I none the less would like the cheer the name of Tucker Carlson to the high heavens, and welcome him to the battle. Until now I was afraid the alt-right would have to do it all on their own.

I'd say this should become a standard feature of rightward leaning opinion journalism where they bring on liberal journalism and make them defend their bias, but journalists are too lazy and cowardly. They'll quickly figure out that they shouldn't do this, and it was only this second rate guy's ambitions that probably convinced him to do it in the first place.

Maybe I'm late to the party here. Maybe Tucker Carlson has been at this sort of thing a while, and I just never noticed. But I'm noticing now, and Tucker Carlson, you're my new hero.


chess said...

Tucker has always been that way which is why they loaded him up in front of the 7pm Bill O' Reilly slot. Even though Trump won I still believe he works with a slow brain. The H had a slower one.... This shows Tucker who has a fast brain and what that type of brain can do to a liberal.."Candy from a baby"
Takes me back to morning rounds with residents interns and med students and this was the constant exchange for 2 hours every am. "Really . Thats your differential diagnosis for these symptoms?"
Sad part is he will limp away and Tucker will be accused of bullying him.

Tom said...

With regard to his slow brain, unless there is something in your resume which you've neglected to share over the years, I think there is something that you might not be seeing. To use an Army analogy, you chess would have been a relatively high ranking warrant officer. Able to give orders that must be followed to all but the most senior officers (who you'd have to persuade as an equal) but for the most part a carrier of specific technical expertise. Based on what you've shared here over the years, I don't think you weren't directly in the chain of command with both links above you and links below. You didn't have to delegate your responsibilities to people who, based on their own merits, were either better than you at them, or not.

Trump has that. He knows how important it is to first understand the strengths and weaknesses of those you delegate to, and second, to see how those skills can best be used to shape your organization into the vision you want. Management always looks easy when you're looking up at it, but actually doing it well is as difficult a skill as anything else.

Fast brain (as you call it) may be necessary for getting elected, but I don't believe it's at all necessary for actually being in charge. That's a much more deliberative and analytic process, and doesn't have to be completed under a time limit necessarily. And based on the decisions he's shared so far about his delegation choices, I've never been more optimistic.

chess said...

I said he had done well with a slow brain. That is how he made a fortune and I do believe that once you are in the office a slow brain is like his reality empire.. Rarely in government does anything need to be done NOW!. My fast and slow brain concepts are for the debates.
I am an ordinary person with an IQ of 140. That was the only reason the U of MO let in without taking the SAT's ACT"s etc. I am triple board certified. I have done ok for myself .

I havent got a clue what a high ranking warrant officer is. Dont care to. I have done shit with patients and trauma for 25 years that only one of your followers could understand.
I hear you preach constantly about your manhood and how you only date beautiful women and your hunting clubs and blah blah blah... You are an elitist that when actually put out in the elements would snap.
For weeks and seems like months you have been on a feminism rant . Is there any doubt why you are divorced? So i bid you a fond farewell...... Jesus.

Tom said...

I wasn't dissing you chess, quite the contrary. I was just talking about the nature of your work. I was trying to say that you made your living based on what you personally know. Your success or failure wasn't necessarily chained to the limitations of the people who reported to you, but more based on what you and you alone could accomplish, and that management in itself is a different discipline that doesn't require a 'fast brain' (to use your term).

None of that was an insult, just a description of a job. The bit about management looking easy when you look up at it wasn't directed at you personally, but at others that might read the comment.

As for the other stuff, my birthday is this week and I usually use that as an excuse to write about how I think I've changed, and the natural reflection of those changes here. We are none of us static, and not all changes are improvement. I will certainly mention this particularly timely misunderstanding in that post.