Friday, November 25, 2016

- When Obama Comes Down From Olympus

One of my often repeated little catch phrases is that if you want to see who a man really is, don’t give him hardship. Instead, give him everything he’s ever hoped for. Then you’ll see the real him. I’ve seen men handle adversity with heroics, and men who made billions without becoming decadent. But I might have to amend my phrase now because I’m going to see something new. A man who had (almost nothing) go to king of the world, and then back, to almost nothing. What happens to your psychology at that moment I wonder?

In a few weeks, our great lord Barak, first of his name, will be thrust unceremoniously from his seat on Olympus and be returning to earth with we mere mortals. For a man like him whose currency is power, this is going to be a very long fall. He’s already said that he has no plans to remain respectfully silent like many part Presidents, but that he plans to be actively involved in politics for years to come.

The world may have other ideas for him. His legacy, such as it is, is also about to be unceremoniously tossed down from the mountain as well by the first right leaning President in living memory, who has no intention of allowing the press to set his agenda. Obamacare? It’s as good as out. Title IX? I’d call it gone. De-socializing the ‘Social Justice” department? It’s the first item on the new guy’s list. Bit by bit the agenda that Obama has spent the last 8 years shoving down the little guy’s throat, is all about to be forgotten as well.

What will Obama be like when it happens? He’s a young guy comparatively speaking, and in pretty good shape for his age. He’s probably got a good long life ahead of him. But what he won’t have is the immediate ear of everyone who has been flattering him for the last 8 years. A year from now the only people who will still be treating him like a god are the people who most wanted him to be in the first place. And when his agenda is tossed by the new shirrif in town, most of the people who have been showering him with praise in corporate America will abandon him like yesterday’s fish.

They didn’t buy into his vision because they loved it. They bought into his vision because it was his, and he was the guy making the rules. But he didn’t build anything that will last. His people will be removed, and their influence will be negated. In short order it will be just him, Michelle, and Valerie Jarret hanging around in the kitchen in their robes and slippers, wondering who ate the last of the Captain crunch.

What is he going to do then do you think? Will he become an Ivy league version of Jesse Jackson, shaking down corporate America to keep the race riots away? Will he become the country’s head community organizer, sending the little people in to mix it up with the riot police? He can’t exactly take control of the Dean’s office, because he already has it – at least by proxy. The 60’s radicals that think like him are now virtually every dean in every college in the country.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll decide to get involved in international affairs. He can spend his time glad handing it around Africa and helping their princes and chiefs steal from them, or complaining about climate change. There’s a movement that can really use a grounded, rational thinker like Obama.

But the thing that get’s me is that no matter what he says 2 years from now, no one is going to care. And I don’t recall every seeing anyone who was so enthralled to his own press as he was. Jimmy Carter was a bad president and continues to occasionally pop up someplace offering his poor judgment. But he was an otherwise accomplished man, and had other things to do. What in the world is Barak going to do?

When I think of it, for some reason I’m reminded of Michael Jackson. In his field he was extremely talented, much like Barry, and spent a long time at the top of his game. But when he pseudo-retired, things took a dark and twisted turn for him. (my daughter’s favorite joke: Why does Michael Jackson like twenty six year olds? Because there’s 20 of them.)

So does Barry end up strung out on seconal, and fondling teenagers for a living? You never know. One way or the other though, after a lifetime of doing nothing except running for office, and being affirmative actioned to the very pinnacle of American political society, I don’t think he has the emotional wherewithal to cope with losing all his influence. I think he’s too fragile to cope with obscurity.

People fuss and fret about it. The left wants him to run for ‘speaker of the house’ as if he can magically transform the House of Representatives into a majority Democrat institution just by his presence. The right worry’s about him leading riotous ‘activism’ with the Black Lies Matter crowd. Not me. I’m just wondering what his flavor of debauchery is going to turn out to be.

I don’t think he has the character for much else.

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