Thursday, November 17, 2016

- Where I Rip Off Something From Steve Salier

I make no excuses. This is ripped directly from Steve Saliers blog over at but he didn't write it either, and it's too good to let any of you guys miss it.

Check out this gem:

The KKK is really small. They could all stay in the same hotel with a bunch of free rooms left over. Or put another way: the entire membership of the KKK is less than the daily readership of this blog.

If you Google “trump KKK”, you get 14.8 million results. I know that Google’s list of results numbers isn’t very accurate. Yet even if they’re inflating the numbers by 1000x, and there were only about 14,000 news articles about the supposed Trump-KKK connection this election, there are still two to three articles about a Trump-KKK connection for every single Klansman in the world.

Or this one regarding the "rash of hate crimes:

Oh, also, I looked on right-wing sites to see if there are complaints of harassment and attacks by Hillary supporters, and there are. Among the stories I was able to confirm on moderately trustworthy news sites that had investigated them somewhat (a higher standard than the SLPC holds their reports to) are ones about how Hillary supporters have beaten up people for wearing Trump hats, screamed encouragement as a mob beat up a man who they thought voted Trump, knocked over elderly people, beaten up a high school girl for supporting Trump on Instagram, defaced monuments with graffiti saying “DIE WHITES DIE”, advocated raping Melania Trump, kicked a black homeless woman who was holding a Trump sign, attacked a pregnant woman stuck in her car, with a baseball bat, screamed at children who vote Trump in a mock school election, etc, etc, etc.

But please, keep talking about how somebody finding a swastika scrawled in a school bathroom means that every single Trump supporter is scum and Trump’s whole campaign was based on hatred.

In the original, all those examples are linked, but I have a social life so you'll have to go there yorself to see them.

You really have to take 10 minutes and read the whole thing. A better fillet and roast of the hyperbolic liberal media mythology machine has never been written, in my humble opinion. And it strongly supports my assertion that liberals are engaging in nothing but psychological projection.

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Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I would also add that probably 2/3rds of the KKK members are FBI informants.