Friday, November 11, 2016

- A Word On The Establishment Right Press

I'm reading some stuff today in traditional right websites that are quoting the usual suspects from K street, which seem to be trying to tell us "what voters really want". Speaking frankly, I'm dubious. They have their own agenda and I'm not convinced they have any better idea about what the voters "really want" today than they did the day before the election.

In the case of the left, any reduction in their overt bias will be obvious if it happens. I don't think it will, but I think it will be easily recognizable if it does.

In the case of the right, specifically National Review et al, I'd like to see that they have bought into the basic ideas of what's going on before I take them at their word that they know 'what voters want'. That will be slightly harder to recognize, but I'm more hopeful that we'll see it.

If they want to offer their opinions, that's fine. But henceforth, anything they report to me as 'fact', I'm taking with a grain of salt. I'll want to see the raw data at the absolute very least.

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chess said...

2 things .. Mikey Moore tries to tell them all the Trump voters are not racists and I am sure it falls on deaf ears.. However he does get straight to the point and says it so straight forward that the libs wont accept something that to the point.A lot of these peolpe voted for Barrack hussein twice. They didnt like the H and the Sanders followers said go f...yourselves. ..And they either stayed home or really screwed the H by voting for Trump.
And Mrs Bernie says he would have won and I have no doubt he would of. 0 doubt. The dems have only the H and Debbie WS / Donna Brazile for that and of course themselves which also they wont accept... They should be getting the pitchforks out on DWS.
So have a good weekend and I think a few naive folks are going to realize that threatening to kill the POTUS actually is a crime.