Tuesday, November 15, 2016

- You Think Liberals Are Scared Now!

...just wait until CCR passes.

One of Trump's big campaign issues was "Concealed Carry Reciprocity." The law would make a permit to carry a concealed weapon, issued by any state, is valid anywhere in the country just like a driver's license. This would mean that your Minnesota and Pennsylvania Concealed Carry permit would allow you to carry a concealed Firearm in New york City, Chicago, or Washington DC.

As you can imagine, I've been looking at a law like that as my 'last chance' to legally arm myself in public for a very long time. Neither New York City, nor NJ will issue Concealed Carry Permits to normal citizens. But under CCR, my Virginia Concealed Carry Permit will be valid in New York. My friend, who lives around the corner from me in Manhattan, will be able to crry due to his Florida permit as well. It's a brave new world in the Liberal cities.

As of today, the house supports CCR and has a law on the docket, the Senate supports CCR and ha another law on the docket, and we have a President elect who has committed to sign a law, once it reaches his desk. There is nothing left but the details and the triggering of the opposition. (I'm on a pun roll today.)

There are details though. For instance, most of the laws I've seen involve the permit holder to obey local laws. In New York City special permit is required to possess a handgun of any type, and I would suspect that will foster an effort to wiggle around the new law.

New York might also designate special 'safe spaces'. Government buildings and a few other places already prohibit legally armed citizens from carry firearms - like government buildings. Errors in that misunderstanding have resulted in a number of arrests in New york City, and are always prosecuted.

Well New York City could simply designate the entire island of Manhattan as a gun free zone, and though it probably wouldn't be legal, it will give the liberal New york courts all the ammo they need to tie the whole thing up in court for a few years.

The right thing to do would be for New York and New Jersey to come up with some reasonable standards of their own for concealed carry, so that we citizens who wish to do so, can. Then there would be no need for CCR, and they would retain some measure of control over the process. They can insist on training, for instance, which some states don't do, or other 'safety measures'. But failing that we'll continue to simply get the Concealed Carry permit issues by the state with the lowest requirements. In my case, that was Virginia.

Yes, that's right, I can carry a concealed firearm in Virginia legally, but in New York City, since my application is only 4 months old, I still can't possess a firearm, even fully disassembled, in my own home. 2 more months and at least that situation will be rectified. The only question is whether that process will move forward faster than my Virginia carry permit becomes legal.

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